When is it acceptable to pillage new players?

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  • When is it acceptable to pillage new players?

    Hello Zeta!

    Recently I joined this server after being invited by a friend who plays their main account here. I mainly play on another server, and have a well established account, so I understand how this game is played.

    I'd like to share with you my experience thus far on Zeta.. because I think it's quite symptomatic of Ikariam as a whole, and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts... from big and small players alike.

    I joined up a few days ago, as mentioned above due to an invite. So my capital is positioned right next to the town of my friend. I've been busy researching and harvesting, as you do when you're small. My friend also helped me out with some resources to get me started. I deliberately kept my town hall at Level 3 so I could stay under godly protection.

    So last night, I decide to colonise my first town. For those big players.. the excitement of colonising is kind of forgotten but it is very exciting for your first one! (heehee) It took me what seemed to be a long time to save up enough gold to buy the ships I needed and have enough resources.

    Anyway so my ships go off to colonise and I go to bed.

    When I wake up this morning, obviously my godly protection has now ceased since my colony has now established. I was also very surprised to find my capital under attack. I know, can you believe it? I had a grand total of 275 points. My attacker was coming from 3 islands away with 3.6K points. He sent 66 units including rams, catapults, spearmen, archers and swordsmen. My attacker is also in an alliance (which shall remain nameless).

    So, I send a respectful message to the Diplomat of said alliance. It wasn't threatening or rude, it was merely to make them aware of the actions of their member and to express how s/he attacked a player that is brand new to this server. I also explained how his attack was unprovoked and that I would need to defend myself and also take action to get any stolen resources back.

    My island mate came to defend me in time, and the attackers troops were all destroyed, so there is no need for me to start plotting my revenge.. or is there? :D

    When exactly is it acceptable to pillage new players? I guess from my perspective, 8 hours after losing Godly Protection is pretty fast. I know how to play this game so I don't plan on leaving the server, but if I was new to this game what happened to me would be quite disheartening and I'd be tempted to leave, since potentially I would have no resources left, and realistically I do not have the capability to defend against the volume and type of troops that were sent. Is this typical behaviour of the Zeta server?

    Interested in your thoughts.
  • Depends on the size of the attacker. New VS New = Ok.

    NF said the new threshold is around 100 k. TS So then that must be it :P Of course that is mostly for the big guys.

    Generally people thought attacking under 25 k TS is not done anyway.

    If it persists, some alliances will help you. Also NF, but don't forget IRON. Not only does IRON help, you'd be actually allowed to join. 8)
  • nah its not very typical just 1 guy thats probebly new and is learning the game and is killing very very small players
    just ask your friend to kill him if hes bigger and make it clear he will lose all resources if he continu's to attack
  • Your story of a 3000 player attacking a 275 player doesn't sound like a huge deal to me. that's like a 800K player hitting a 600K player. 3K doesn't come close to counting as a big player, that's a new player also.

    anyway, to answer the real question, it's acceptable (to me) for an actual larger player to attack a small one if they warn them about donating to the mines and mills and the n00b insists on being a leech and not donating. That's for zeta anyway...
  • Warm welcome

    Welcome to Zeta Solid Ground,please to have you with us.

    as Dutchday said we have already discussed small player protection before,and i still believe its down to common sense by the individual player.
    Ikariam is dying there are fewer and fewer players all the time so we need more new players,constantly attacking players that cant defend themselves does not help people enjoy the game.no one has the right to tell any player how to play ikariam, its a game people must enjoy it how they like,but remember other people have the right to play how they want.

    i would hope that becuase you contacted the player and his alliance the alliance diplomat will see the foolishness of his members attacks and warn him off.

    good luck and i hope you enjoy playing on Zeta.

    hanfam Future Sailors Diplomat
  • I think that 3k player attacking you (275) may be trying to simply understand the battle system, but i think attacking someone who is less than 10% your size is unacceptable. If this problem of yours persist, don't hesitate to contact any of the major alliances in-game and i'm should you won't lack help.
  • I'm in the same boat, and had started actually enjoying Ikariam. However, being attacked and occupied by a played over 215k points when I have 2k hasn't exactly made me particularly happier. Yes, world PvP happens and I understand that. Given the size of Ikariam though, it's a lot to get to grips with and having someone that strong randomly attack and occupy a main city doesn't give me any hope whatsoever for the community. To make matters worse, the player is a member of Machine, who apparently seem to condone and encourage this behaviour, going by their in-game site.

    Great way to welcome new players guys - scare them off before they start.
  • you know you can always just publicly state who the player is that is attacking you...who cares what alliance tag they have, at least everyone will know who the bullies are and no one will feel bad for whacking them around out of boredom or some crazy sense of justice (do we have a justice league in zeta? or just conspiracy clubs?)

    you say its a member of MAC...so is it Weeman or Jakolito? only those two are at 215k points :P

    name your aggressor. or just contact me ingame (Attila the Hun)

    Ancient editor of ZetaNews...died while dusting off old newspapers...

    DISCLAIMER: see T&C before playing Ikariam, death and dismemberment may occur when using these services, few clients have reported impotency due to radioactive testing.
  • As it was surprisingly fast and unusuall i personally dont attack players under 50k and if i attack an active player under 100k i only attack them 1-2 times and thats only when they have to many resources they are not using. Many allainces are staying away from pillaging players under 50k points.
  • RE: Hakster's complaints about the Machine

    I'm just writing to clarify something about what Hakster just said. Since it's your 1st post and you only have 2k points I imagine that you are new to the game and don't yet understand all the mechanics of battle. There is a huge difference between pillaging and occupying a player. It is customary to occupy a small player's town and use it as a base for launching an attack on a bigger rival. If one doesn't pillage the small player, then they don't steal their resources.
    On the contrary, if your occupier launches a pillage attack from the occupied town against someone else, you get a 10% cut of all the loot that (s)he takes.
    So, if I occupy your town, pillage someone from there and get 50,000 marble you will get 5,000 marble -automatically- as my cargo ships return back home. That is a big bonus for a small player. How many days / weeks would it take you to amass that many resources...? You may "feel" badly to see your town "occupied" but in essence you are gaining big time. Oh, and as for the 5-10 soldiers you might have lost in the initial attack, believe me they are unimportant! I have survived from 0k to 50k points with virtually no army, just going stealth and being nice to the people around me. Your small army will not be able to provide any serious protection from any decent opponent, so you might as well just keep the gold and focus on growing as quickly as possible.

    So, to be clear about the Machine's stance on pillaging new players, we certainly don't condone it and don't encourage it. I have personally declared in these forums that I will try to help any small player in my neighborhood who gets pillaged by a larger opponent, since we want you guys to thrive and fatten up :) expand.
    I would set a limit of about 50k for pillaging. After that (from 50k to 100k points) we would only occasionaly pillage someone, for... educational purposes :) (They are doing something really stupid and they need to be taught a lesson the hard way).

    Long Live the Machine!
  • well now thanks for the clear up, occupation only is a gift lol, losses get reimbursed, plus free temp defense :P

    hooray for something, carry on...

    Ancient editor of ZetaNews...died while dusting off old newspapers...

    DISCLAIMER: see T&C before playing Ikariam, death and dismemberment may occur when using these services, few clients have reported impotency due to radioactive testing.