War, what's it good for? Absolutely Everything!

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  • War, what's it good for? Absolutely Everything!

    * Note to Moderators: I post this evoking World Discussion Rules, Item 2, "Discussions about world politics", as posted by eclectic, 13 April, Anno Domini 2008 CE.

    So as we speak, or more accurately, as I monologue, most of Delta is at war. True, KOP seems to be taking the brunt of it, but that's not to diminish CP, GRK, N01, FrM, SCRUFF, and the myriad of alliances who are engaged with said KOP. Everyone, so to speak, has come to the dance. And I, for one, say About Bloody Time.

    War, especially engaged against the larger alliances, is healthy for Delta and keeps the game moving and introduces an invigorating flow of interest and excitement. Personally, I am not a large sized player, around 500k TS, and BORG, while not insignificant, is still only ranked 25th. But the nature of the combat that Delta is currently experiencing allows players of all sizes and alliances to experience the combat opportunities that this game affords.

    I believe that we are seeing an opportunity to change the landscape of Delta, to remove the sacred cows, to allow all players to more actively participate in all aspects of this game. KOP, for a long time, meant "You really don't have to play this game." Armies? Who needs them. Hideouts? Obsolete. I'm KOP, I don't need those things I am safe by proxy. Well, apparently, no. And honestly, I hope you appreciate the liberation that you are receiving. Part of the fun of this game is the uncertainty. You win some, you lose some, and you live to fight another day.

    So while being at war constantly can be taxing (and as Borg, I can assure you that is true.) So what say you Delta? Is more combat better, or would we rather harvest, build and, well, without combat, I don't know what comes next.


    Warned for "Innuendo" since 2010
  • Personally, I'd like to do away with the super alliance leagues, for mostly the same reasons that you mention above.

    With what, 60% of the server being 'protected' under an umbrella of an alliance tag; most of those players have no regard for 'defense' or hideouts, instead guaranteed safety in sheer numbers. PHI, THL, and even big dog players like, JEDI.

    As a middle of the road size player, what can he do? Certainly not attack any of that 50-60%. He faces the entire wrath of sheer numbers. Same for the middle of the road alliances. In all cases, the only safe bet is to fight the smaller players/alliances. The very same ones who are struggling to grasp the mechanics of the game.

    In the end it is a far less rewarding experience for everyone. The young alliance and players are bullied by slightly bigger players. The middle of the road sized players benefit the most, but they are fighting over the same limited resources protected by the same struggling players. Meanwhile some of the big dog alliances (any KOP, VOX, MIN, Pro, ARC) don't even seem to play the game; merely log in once in a while and click 'build this' or 'sell that'.
  • I agree that lately Delta exploded, but that would be something that anyone who plays there was either expecting or suspecting that it would happen. For too long, Delta has been inactive, with maybe 2 wars maximum, with leeches all over the place. It is true that players have used the tag of a big alliance to protect themselves and that gave them false hopes that they're perfectly safe and sound, just because they're in that alliance. I would expect that big alliance, which rarely play or simply don't play will have to reorganize if they want to keep their status of big alliances.
    I assume that this is healthier, as you can no longer just hide behind your alliance, you need to play. This will revive Delta, for certain period of time.
  • How is it good that Don is now the largest alliance and that it is very good at fighting? What will happens after this war, will Don move to the next alliance on the list? Will players from small alliances have to join Don to cover their ass? I prefer last time Kop was the largest alliance but keep other alliances in check. I do agree with Smash that Phi league was a mistake, but Kop is being attacked by way too many players.

    Kop has dropped a lot of players, and some of those vacation players may never come back. It remain to see how much farther Kop will drop, similarly some big players of Radal has decided to leave for good when they find the Combat system time consuming. There are a lot of browser games less bugged, and people do have a choice you know.
  • War is the only element of this game that makes it worth playing! if you wanna build towns rather go play simcity

    I think its good the KoP is being taken down a few notches but in so doing the alliances assisting Don are only elavating Don to the position of untouchable
    So whats the point of doing that? ?(

    Furthermore the fact that the rest of the Phi league aren't doing jack to help their brothers simply means they will be on the chopping block once the knights of Phi are destroyed

    I'm not proud to be fighting in this war but I hope to see the rest of Phi rise and give us a respectable fight unlike Crimson Pirates or DC from CWG

    The best war I partook in was with the war with FREMEN and the worst war was the war with CP -
  • I always think the major problem on many of the Phi league players was Hubris, plain and simple, they where under the impression that under the flag of the alliance with more names on in, was a shoo in for "I can do whatever I want" and that was great, for a time, a lot of bad feeling was build up, a lot of resentment. And in the end when KOP was on a battle that they could win if they weren't disturbed, they found themselves seeing how many people where either ignoring their situation or jumping in with a sword and a spear for some old score settling.

    And like many Empires it was their own vanity the first sign that they where walking to a period of self indulgence and what with time would be their downfall. Is up to them to learn from this and become better players or just roll over and cease to exist in the server.

    But there is no denying, this is by most a War oriented Game and every alliance that even think otherwise is going to get into serious problem, I was for a time member of MIN and after watching some things I send an internal Circ and I pointed out that problem to them, because of that I got mini earpull because the leadership didn't want to take the alliance to a war oriented alliance. I after that I decided to quit from MIN and move on, but I still remain very close friends with the leaders of that alliance and after their little tête-à-tête with the Phi league they decided to do the changes I pointed out months ago. Better late than never... For what I see they send packing every couch potato in house and retained the ones that where more active and become more aggressive.

    And this lesson has to be to all the alliances out there, Peace is a nice thing.. in SimCity...In Ikariam you can be peaceful if you want, but you better have a sword near by just in case someone decide to visit you and take your stuff from you.
  • This game is SIM CITY and WARFARE mixed together. If you do not battle at all, you eventually get bored. Just clicking and building is not playing the game. Trade used to be fun, but now there is no use for tons of gold so selling resources is mainly to keep a big army.
  • I havn't been posting lately but that is because there is nothing to post about besides war (which I really only want to watch). But yes have a sword handy or have nothing at all to accomplish in this game. It is how we play, mixed together to give a variety! :D
  • I agree with The_Game--building and warring are equally important in this game, and anyone who undervalues or overvalues one is missing out. As anyone who glances over the various world sections on the Boards can see, without wars worlds are silent. Wars, frustrating though they may be with the current battle mechanics, are excellent for stirring up a little controversy and discussion. But then again, wars are no fun when you are too small to support a decent army... So the downtime in between fights is just as important.

    Perhaps we should set up a server-wide schedule, with preassigned time slots for certain alliances to war each other, to make sure there's always something going on?

  • In my point of view, PHI League has been dead for quite some time now. When PRO went war with MIN, KOP didn't do anything. On a positive side, this conflict would be a wake a call for them.

    Of course war is good! Not only it is fun but it is also exciting :D
  • Everybody here seems to say war is good and exciting but I was attacked by a player Arrow more than ten times bigger than me and I have no Alliance. He is with Brothers Alliance. The attack was totally unprovoked.

    Is that fun ?

    Big players just eliminating smaller players ?

    Blockading ports for no reason whatsoever but starving the population ?

    That is not fun.

  • No No No.. War wont ruin Delta, infact it will probably improve things.
    If anyone else on here plays Cybernations, which is a very very old Online game your know like me, and will understand this comment.
    If it were not for world wars which seem to brake out every 18months, then it would probably die, but as it has around 30K players in one world something most be good, and i beleive it is the world wars.. Yes you can be a farmer of sorts and plod along, but the wars enable and help players grow, just like they can in Delta (IK).
    Ok it can also slow progress, but if you dont learn and gain new skills how will you ever grow? wars enable that, i aint saying i know everything about the war parts of this game, but i can honestly say, if it were not for past battles i have taken part in i wouldnt know what i know now.. YEs i may still be around the 500K but i was on here almost form the start of Delta, so why am i not 1.5+ mill - cause thats not what i enjoy about this game.. I enjoy the banter, i enjoy meeting new people on here, i enjoy the battles, the laughs, the mild agression of words in the forum, but i honestly say if someone in the pub says hello and i find out they play IK and they were in a different alliance than me, i would still be a friend.. On here i would park in their port and steal their goodies.. What am i trying to say, i have no idea but - hell, i enjoy playing IK and will always enjoy playing IK. So have fun all and yes for some this is life and death and the rest of you saine people - its a GAME....

    So yes Wars are important but also building and growing is too..