Deltonians Deserving of an Award.

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  • Deltonians Deserving of an Award.

    Now, before this get's off on the wrong foot, I intend this to be serious and not turn into backhanded complements and the such. This thread is to point out individuals who have distinguished themselves on this server in one way or another.

    To get the ball rolling, BORG would like to recommend the Tenacity Award to missgreenarcher of Relex. missgreenarcher lives in a very unforgiving part of Delta, smack between two BORG hives. Where many players would have rolled over and died (check out the islands she lives on, they are graveyards), missgreenarcher has persevered and managed to grow and sustain a military. BORG respects that. We're still gonna pay you occasional visits, but thank you for being a respectable player.

    Warned for "Innuendo" since 2010