Our Diplomat is swamped, so let's streamline the process.

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  • Our Diplomat is swamped, so let's streamline the process.

    I've been told that many of you have been waiting for a response from our Diplomat, but unfortunately we've just had to cut his staff by 3, so he is swamped. So for those awaiting a response, please consider this as the response you should have received.

    To Whom it may concern,

    I'm terribly sorry that you've had troubles with one of our Drones. We here at BORG(c) strive to uphold the highest standards amongst our drones. To better facilitate processing your complaint, please use the attached handy fill in the blank form.


    Borg Diplomat.

    --- FORM FOLLOWS ---
    Dear Borg Diplomat,

    I realize that you are a busy man, but I would appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to look into a problem I have (not that one; I've already seen a doctor). I have been attacked/pillaged/occupied/blocked (circle one) by one of your drones, __ OF __. While I realize I was probably asking for it, I would really appreciate it if you could ask __ OF __ to stop at his earliest convenience. If not, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to cry/go V-Mode/sit and take it (circle one) for as long as it takes. I've also notified my alliance leadership so that they can laugh/shrug/commiserate (circle one), I'll have you know!

    STATISTICAL DATA (Please fill out)
    Line 1: Number of times attacked:
    Line 2: Number of battles lost (Line 1 * 1)
    Line 3: Amount of resources lost (Line 1 * 160 * 500)
    Line 4: Generals before attacks:
    Line 5: Generals after attacks (Line 4 - Line 4)

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