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    • External alliance page

      [Dimensions] - No specific dimensions
      [Picture/render] - No specific picture
      [Colours] - Mostly black and gold shades please, a bit of other colors is also fine.
      [Font] - Some middle-age-ish font, READABLE please
      In big letters:
      "We are: The Kings"
      Mid-size letters:
      "Only the best and greatest fit in this alliance. We demand nothing less than perfect. We are here to dominate 'Pi' server, demolish all that stand in our way.
      We shall be the greatest of this server. We shall rule all land and sea."
      Regular letters:
      "Our requirements are:
      400 TS
      Good basic defenses (reasonable wall and spy huts/hideouts at least the level of your town hall)
      Willing to help the alliance, in economy and in war
      Must donate
      Must be active (if you are to be away please notify the leader)
      Respect our rules, treaties, NAPs etc...
      Must be in the [60ish:50ish] area, later on this will expand

      As time passes our requirements will be more demanding."
      Mid-sized letters again:
      "Council of the Kings:
      Leader, General, Home Secretary and most importantly founder of the alliance:"
      Big bold letters: "Tzeny"
      Mid-sized letters:
      Big bold letters: "stav110"

      Regular letters:
      "NAPs and Peace treaties
      None at the moment"
      Everything that is in quotes ("") is supposed to be in the page, anything that is not in quotes, should not be included
      HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks in advance to whoever accepts this upon him :phatgrin: