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      I'm not a smoker, never really understood the point of it other than to "look cool / socialise" while slowly killing yourself for unclear reasons, feel bad for people who rely on it for those reasons, they must have the personality of limp asparagus. Only forgivable people are the elder generations since they grew up in time where it was believed to be healthy. Alcohol is also terrible for you but at least there is some actual fun in consuming that.

      Hopefully Germany will ban the advertisement of the cigarettes soon.
      Where has all the rum gone?
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      Well i grew up when it was so called "modern" and "cool" , but i never smoked coz of it :))
      I also agree smoking coz of "looking cool" shall not be any case for anyone to smoke
      Short story : I was into sports , i even told my friends to stop smoking coz it does not bring anything further , etc ,etc ... then life came around and i apparently tried it ... how do i put it --- I loved it :)
      so you may consider me egocentric , maybe i am , but i do liked it and it was not coz of "social" , "friendship" , "cool" , i just liked it :)
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