Be careful who you drag through the mud.

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  • Be careful who you drag through the mud.

    This post is made per Rule #2 of the World Discussion Rules, Alliance Politics.

    _Morpheus_ wrote:

    i don't see how attacking our small players makes you a gentle man when you ask MIN, MWI and BORG for help when you can handle us yourself when we come to you
    _Morpheus_, you need to be careful who's alliance you drag through the mud. Your player GOONIES named one of his towns "BORG 3 of 15", and thus brought himself to our attention. We conducted combat operations in his two towns, not by the request of Golo or SXP, but only because of the audacity of your alliance member. Were we there to assist Golo, the 80k MS we had in theater would have spread rapidly to other PRO targets. However, we made our statement to GOONIES and then left the area.

    Since we assumed that GOONIES was acting on his own with his name change, we restricted our response only to him. If you are implying his actions were more part of an alliance wide decision, well, by all means let us know so we can adjust our reactions more accordingly.

    Warned for "Innuendo" since 2010
  • it is a lot easyer for pro members to see borg helping SXP as the reason of their lost battle on my capital.
    I have no choice to admit that without this incident involving BORG did made a change in the outcome of the battle in my capital.

    I did not get involve in borg battle and borg did not get involve in mine... im sure my few spearmans did not make any difference.
    I had many conflict with borg but i was happy to see another alliance respect their tag and fight for it as a alliance.

    even tho noone have bring up borg vs pro CR ... i know you guys are the only one having a idea what pro really have send to attack me.

    all i asked is to see some pride in actions players take and see the truth come out.
    Goonies had a long time now to step up and have pride in PRO tag.

    All of pro payin for their leadership decisions ... but i doubt they know that part.
    btw how did he hide his hideout... 8-)