Arms Trade.

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  • Arms Trade.

    What i'm suggesting is that we allow a new trade commodity. Namely war ships. [and maybe if everyone wants infantry units].

    It could work by allocating a new research "Arms Dealing" in the military section, requiring 200K+ Research Points(ATLEAST) so that newbies don't start having massive armies from the very start. Also the upkeep cost won't change, only it'll transfer from one owner to the next.

    This could prove to be very beneficial to players, especially those situated near warring alliances. They can build up their alchemy towers to reduce sulphur cost and sell war ships [and maybe troops] to the warring factions and thus reap from their battles.

    for trading war ships [and maybe troops] the shipyard would be used instead of the trading post. so in towns with no shipyards and two ports, the player will be unable to trade his goods.

    and we can also limit the range of market to maybe only your own island, or 2-3 islands around it. depending on the shipyard level. INFACT a level 15 or 20 shipyard would be necessary to trade navies [and maybe armies].

    What do you say guys? good? bad? maybe?
  • Megiddo wrote:

    why don't you just trade sulfur?

    what if someone has an army and he cant be active for wars. just give your army to someone who can actively use it. plus someone at war, the warrior needs to keep his warehouses empty.

    plus it helps saving citizens for gold.

    its not a bad idea.
  • well trading sulphur is good and all, but in most instances, takes way too long to build up a decent army. and specially when you're at war with an attack just imminent one could do with getting an army from trade. a person could place an order with a supplier and if that guy has an army ready he could sell it to them.

    as for the pushing rule...well...i don't think anyone would be stupid enough to sell their troops cheap. so it shouldn't be much of a concern. but yeah, there should be some kind of regulation. any suggestions are welcome.
  • As far as im concerned the use of gold is severely underused in ikariam. You should be allowed to pillage gold and you should be allowed to buy goods or in this case, troops from another player. And don't say "that's what the trade post is for" because that is limited. The trade post is great, but if i have an ally out of distance of my trade post then i should still be able to buy goods off him with money or again, in this case, troops.
  • I would say upgrades of the original player stay in affect so to give an element of deceit to this, which in my opinion would be common in actual arms dealers. lol.
  • I think that the distance that you are allow to sell/trade troops or ships should not be a crutch, as you call it, Arms dealing, happens all over the world, not just 2-3 islands away, I don't agree with this by limiting the distance, also what about other alliance members as well, whom may be 1/2 world a way, I do not think there should be a limit, and if there is, it should be like the trading post, the higher the level the farther you can go.
  • I like the idea overall here is my input.

    - Don't limit the range who can buy since I see no point in that. Maybe I just don't understand why this would be done..

    - The units you purchase would have to take whatever upgrade level you have or else the game would have to save information on what units have your upgrades and which units have the sellers upgrades.. Would be a mess to figure out I would think but maybe not.

    - High level research topic & should require high level trade port or shipyards
  • caustix wrote:

    - High level research topic & should require high level trade port or shipyards
    Yes. I agree. This should DEFINITELY cost something hefty, not in terms of gold, but in Research Points and the level of your shipyard.
  • "While out on patrol our scouts reported of finding many dead troops and broken down war-machines. Our spies report that our neighbors are at war with one another. If we contact the warring factions and provide them with military forces we can make a hefty profit on these war-mongering fools. Effect: Allows signing of Arms Treaties"

    This could be a research. Cost would be around Logistics and Gun Powder in the military field.

    To be able to trade military one would have to have a treaty with the other person. Cost of this would be 5 DP each. And one would have to upgrade their shipyard to have an extra strorage space for the troops and stuff.

    Just an idea. Rate?
  • Mate, that's perfect in my eyes!
    Really balanced research point cost lol, and also, I think it was mentioned before, sell and buy the troops at the trading post.
  • i am more of a trader than a warrior, good at making a small fortune in a small amount of time and know very well how to defend it buy building a good army, yet am not aggressive enough to go pillage every1.

    i say it would make every 1 happy more money for traders and more fighting for warriors.

    p.s. i disagree with the treaty part, it is abit limiting for a trader to freely do his perfection
  • mightyruler wrote:

    p.s. i disagree with the treaty part, it is abit limiting for a trader to freely do his perfection

    And thats exactly why put it there. To have some limitations. Not only this, but I also suggest that the island distance(like the ones we have in our markets) should be propotional to out shipyard level.

    Also, someone might ask how to counter the pushing rule with. Well with the new updates, I doubt that'll be a problem anymore.
  • I actually think it's a very good idea, it would help people econemies thrive and help the problem of over population when someone disbands their army, war based players would benefit from it, each unit would probably cost double or something to prevent people taking advantage of the situation