Pinned Alliance Introduction Rules

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  • Alliance Introduction Rules

    These forums are only for alliance introductions and announcements.

    Only the Leader, Diplomat or Home Secretary of an alliance may post an alliance introduction. You must make your position within the alliance clear when you post the introduction thread. Once the thread is posted, only the original poster (person who created the thread) will be able to reply (to prevent spam).

    Only one introduction thread per alliance is allowed. If the original poster is no longer part of the alliance the current Leader, Diplomat or Home Secretary should contact a Moderator to close and archive the thread. Once the thread has been archived, the new alliance introduction can be posted.

    When you post a new thread in the alliance introduction board:
    • Title of the thread must include the alliance name and Tag.
    • The post must have:
      1. Alliance Name
      2. Alliance Tag
      3. Founder(s) of the Alliance and/or her Leader(s)
      4. Contact person(s) or diplomat(s)
      5. Current Rank of Alliance
      6. Brief description of Alliance
    • Optional:
      • Current Number of Members
      • Current Allies
      • Current Enemies/Wars.. etc.
    If these requests are not met the thread will be closed.

    When you announce (new post), you can:
    • Advertise it (a.k.a Bump it)
    • Announce new diplomatic agreements (NAP’s/Alliances)
    • Announce any change in head of alliance
    Bumping threads is allowed only once in 24 hours.