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  • Spoiler Guide

    Scottster88 wrote:

    Spoiler Guide

    This guide aims to show you how to insert and use Spoilers on the board.

    What is a Spoiler?
    A Spoiler is a long box which you can insert text, images or combat reports within, to save them from clogging up your posts.

    A closed Spoiler

    An open Spoiler

    Ok, how do I make a Spoiler?
    To insert a Spoiler into your posts is simple.
    Firstly, simply make a new post.
    There is a button on the toolbar above the text box with the letters 'SP' in it. Click that. It will automatically add a spoiler into your post. As shown in this image:

    Now you need to add your content to the spoiler. Anything you put into a spoiler must be in the middle of the Spoiler tag. Like so:

    Alternative- Just type yourself. Even though we know you all prefer pushing buttons :P

    When you submit your post, the Spoiler will generate automatically.

    Wow, great. But how do I see what's inside a Spoiler?
    Simple. Just click on the word 'Spoiler' or the yellow triangle once to open. Then once again to close. Try it on my Spoiler:

    Ok wait, why do I even need a Spoiler again?
    In accordance with the new Conflict Rules (Effective 1st December 2010), for example, Combat Reports must be posted in Spoilers, from now on, inside the actual war thread. Failing to do so could get you in a spot of bother with the Board Team.

    Alliance Conflict Rules - Effective 01.12.2010. wrote:

    Posting of Combat Reports (CR)
    Posting Combat Reports are required. So we know the war is still active.
    All Combat Reports must be converted using a Combat Report Converter and then surrounded by spoiler tags to prevent excessive scroll posts.

    Extra Stuff
    'Spoiler' looks a bit boring.
    No fear - you can change the text on the actual Spoiler box. Here's how:

    Converts to:

    Note that any content within or labelling a Spoiler must comply with the board rules.

    So, there you have it. A very simple way to add a Spoiler into your posts.

    Thanks Scottster88. You rock!
    Oh, thank you ^^

    If you need any additional support, don't be afraid to ask in the Help & Questions area of the board, or a member of the board team.

    This is me talking with my sMOD-voice.
    If you believe my voice to be in error, please contact me by PM.
  • How to post a combat report


    I have noticed that some people have not been posting their combat reports using the spoiler function, so here I will illustrate how to do so correctly.

    First of all, generate your combat report.

    Secondly, copy and paste your combat report into the text box as shown below:

    Now, highlight the combat report text as shown below:

    Above the text field input box, you have your tools. Click the SP (Spoiler) tool while the combat report text is highlighter as shown below:

    Make sure that the BBCode box is ticked in your settings as shown below:

    Now the only thing left to do is to hit "Submit"! Congratulations, you've posted a spoilered combat report.

    Regards, The Generals.