Corrupt a wish

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    • Wish granted. Your bank account never runs out of money, and there are no loopholes involved...something that your corrupt accountant is very grateful for as he continually siphons from it, eventually stealing enough to bribe authorities into acknowledging he was, in fact, you, thereby gaining full control over the account. None of this turns out to matter in the long run, however, as the influx of unlimited funds into the economy causes hyperinflation, leading to the collapse of the monetary system altogether.

      I wish that a "theory of everything" was discovered and understood, proving that the most basic underlying law governing the entire universe is that of irony (which would somehow involve the number 42).
    • wish granted.
      A unicorn falls outa the sky and lands at your feet then starts jabbing your shoulder with its horn.

      I wish I wasn't so abnormally weird so that I could at least get along with most people :/
    • Granted, but you learn, just barely too late, that everyone but you is now abnormally weird, and nobody gets along with anybody else.

      I wish somebody would post something after me in this thread.
    • Roy Mustang wrote:

      granted but your handwriting becomes completely illegible

      i wish for my wish of an unlimited bank account not to backfire ;)

      Granted but the bank will not allow you to use any of that money :P .

      I wish for 1 kg of "the Widow" :D

      How could I ever have a bad dream when the nightmare is me?
    • wish granted.. but you get stuck all alone for eternity because you dont age, and you find that you cant move or pick up anything so the only way for you to kill yourself is falling or drowning...

      i wish to be able to selectively see through clothing :D
    • granted, but it's a black demon unicorn that eats your soul
      I wish I could live in the middle ages with the girl I love and be a knight who never losses anything to anyone
    • granted but the girl you love and live with dont love you, never will, and loves other men very loudly every night in the same room as you. :cookie:

      i wish i was that i have nothing but good luck til i die of old age
    • Granted, but exactly as you asked have nothing at all except good luck until you die.

      I wish there was a new Doctor Who episode every day, and I am able to see them all.
    • a philips wrote:

      Granted, but exactly as you asked have nothing at all except good luck until you die.
      does the mean i win 8|

      anyways, granted but after 67 years of episodes the final last episode you see is a complete let down and you die of heart failure because of it :|

      i wish i was like Dr. Manhattan
    • Granted, but then you realise you are extremely hated by all convicts in jail. A few days later a guy is released and he kills you. :)

      I wish i had a Medieval Longsword.
    • granted but it is enchanted with dark magic and it turns on you and beheads you in front of your entire family
      I wish my computer would stop being a pain in the butt