Final curtain call

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Final curtain call

    I am leaving Ikariam,

    After 3 years of playing this game, it has come to an end. There is not really a main reason other then things getting boring and situations repeating themselves, less and less time due to RL responsibility's force me not to be able to play 100%.

    I have enjoyed my time here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work/fight and most of all have fun with you. I want to thank all NF for you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time on zeta.

    I am really proud to have bin a "member", a "leader", "homesec" and "general" of NF in the past years.

    I want to special thank (in random order),

    - Pgmark
    When WEXXX was to retire, he would give leadership of NF to me with only one condition, protect this new zeta player pgmark. Protecting him and giving him new accounts was one of the best things ever happened. Pgmark turned out to become one of the best, if not the best fighter i have ever know. You have become one of my dearest online friends. My eyes become misty again if I think about the jokes and funny's you pulled!

    Thank you! never change!!

    - Chilidog
    Chili Chili Chili, we had our disagreements and our fights from time to time, I have learned to respect you a lot, from the best NF homesec there ever was you have become the best leader NF ever had. My respect for you is great allthough I think you're still to mean too people! We share a lot of history and talked for many many hours, we almost always agreed how to play things out and we formed many master-plans and carried them out. I have always loved to plan and mastermind things with you.

    Almost all large calls we discussed together, I supported you when you where leader of NF and visa versa, from the day we took over leadership of NF we have done things together, i'm happy to say it was great time! much respect in the way you handled things and stood beside me.

    Long live the dog!!

    - CosmO
    One of my first calls as leader (after a talk with chili of course) was taking you as diplomat, not cuz you're that good in solving problems, but you're so funny trying to :P

    I had much fun with you, and cried laughing in more then one occasion. If you where not here I would have quit a long time ago.

    I will miss you buddy.

    - Skarto
    I cant really remember how we met, but I think you where NFA member, and after disbandment joined NFS alliance, I could always count on your no matter what.
    thank you for that.

    - Dafydd
    All I can say about you is what your mum told me last night…… ill send you a pm, cuz its not pretty

    - xzelphi
    Oh xzelphi……. what to do with you… You are the most devoted NF member I have ever met, the way you do things are not always my way, but you get the job done and with such determination that it demands much respect. You are one of the few players I have more then a few arguments with but we always worked it out. One of the greatest players that zeta ever met.

    - mA iraki
    You where my last target during the time gold pillage was still possible, I took 10 mil gold from you. However a day later you took 4 mil back! During our pm's you where fun to talk with and took things as they where. This led to inviting you into NF. You where my backup until this day. I remember waking up with 8 cr.'s all battles fought in my capital and all won by Ma Iraki. It has bin a blast playing with you. You where always standby to help me out if needed.

    - CP7212
    You are a great player, and will become a important part of what will become of NF. Keep up the good work!

    - Cesare77
    Again a player who became dear to me, we had lots of good talks, and I always loved bailing you out! Old school NF with new a never ending spirit.

    - Evil Genius

    - dark killer
    Dark your a great player, I hope you will continue to fight like you do. I'm sure you will become wise :P. with your brass balls and determination you will be a great one

    - Black rose
    I remember you as always having my back and we spend a lot of time spying on other alliances. You are the best spy i ever had. Not a lot of people know this, but black rose made it as general in an alliance she was spying on. She broke down leadership from within. Best zeta spy there ever was.

    - Tallisker
    My buddy talli! You became NFA under rose her leadership, turned out to be a great asset to NF and you teated a lot of old NF the NF way. Great well respected inspiration for a lot of members. Less active due to real live things, haven't we all at some point.

    - Cymru
    You came you saw and concurred, you came out of the blue and where a decent fighter from the start, you turned out to become one of NF's great fighters and friends. always ready to help whoever needed help in NF. respect.

    - Homer
    Another prospect of NFA, you tallisker and argento where always a team, all from NFA. you grew out to be a really really good player even a leader of NF beta. If one would be able to carry on as NF zeta leader then it would be you. However I'm not sure what will be decided if NF will continue the way it is now or form a new alliance. The last year you devoted your time to beta, beta server has one alliance who rule over there like NF does on zeta, with the difference that NF fights with class, honor and style. The was started with us being 300k players with a total of 25 members, and now we have grown to a medicore side and are leading the war from day one. I wish you all the best, and keep up the great job your doing on beta.

    - flint1
    I now notes I respect all player i want to mention, all of you have something special. same for you, loved playing with you. We fought some nice battles side by side.

    - TengAi
    I remember when xzelphi let go of armenian warrior after 3 months of anilation, he build up and came after you. While AW warrior was fighting your spare troops you moved to his island and pillaged him dry. From this day on I invited you to join NF many times. You never did until a month ago. I am sorry you never joined before, we could of had a blast! However I enjoined your short time in NF. Keep up the good work!

    I'm sorry if I forgot some of you I tried to remember all but… so many…, most of you know how I feel and think. I would be lying if I say this goodbye comes easy for me. For 3 years I logged into our chat and had much laughs and fun. Ikariam was my first browser game and will be my last. We grew out to be an elite undefeated group of player who where friends to the end. We are known outside of zeta, and i'm sure we belong to one of the best alliance game wide.

    Besides my friends I want to thank all the alliances and players I fought, some where mad, others funny or sad. Pulled a lot out of simcity mode to enjoy the game in his full. Cant name them all, or I would have probably end up listing the entire server :P

    At last I want to thank Iotsak, Chorkie and sampisa for training me to become a Game Operator. I had much fun while wearing the GO tag and learned a lot. Much respect for all the game staff and the way you are running this game. GF should be proud. As for the zeta board staff, I want to thank you for controlling our boards and keeping things in order.

    Times up!

    After these current wars I will retire as proud member, acting homesec of NF and player of ikariam.

    Thanks again.
    All hail the number 1 alliance of zeta, NF!!!

    Mean old b@stard

    Active Retired NF Mean Old Bastards
  • Final Curtain?? You can run but you cant hide!

    Dear x,

    Im very sad to see you go but I understand. When I read this I began to think about our old times. You asked me to join this game because you had big plans ahead for me. I began playing and you thaught me everything I know! I became your spy and tried to do everything in the best interest for NF. Became a general and I was the proud of that alliance :D. We had our laughs together. Especially at times I thought they found out I was their spy but it never crossed their minds that a little warrior princess like me spied them all the time.
    I never forget the time we got a ban for pushing lol. Me as a spy and you from NF. Lol.. I really thought my spying days where over!

    We fought hard and well together. On Beta we took down a whole alliance with a few proud NF members. What was it again? 4 active NF members against maybe 25 or so? Me and you, you and me, thats how it felt for me. I had your back but you had mine all the time! Also on Zeta! I always will see you as Mr NF.

    You asked me to found NFA again. There where some great players in it. Everything you asked me I did it. Because I really trust you. Everywhere you went, I followed you. I was proud to be a member from NF but more proud that you where my leader and even at times you werent a leader I was loyal to you!

    But menn you are also very stubborn! You wanted to quit NF a few times. So I needed to persuade you to come back. The way they think I did was funny.. Pictures? ;)

    I have you on my msn and I will continue to harrash you as always ;) Im sure you are used to it by now!
    I really love this game and I really love you! If I think about this game I think about you. It isnt going to be the same without you but there is a time of quitting for everyone although it struck me by surprise that you are really leaving. Im going to think hard about the fact if I want to continue playing because playing without my dearest friend is hard for me I guess.

    Thank you for all the laughs and for all the good times! But this is not the end of our friendship :) just remember that.. you can run but you cant hide! :pll:

    Black Rose
  • The best player in the game is leaving....

    Yes, the best player in the game is leaving.. hands down!

    This is a sad day indeed to lose not only the best player but my best friend in the game as well. I will always have fond memories of the great fun you provided us in this stupid game one way or another. XPS was always coming with up something fun to keep me interested in this game. Everything I learned about the game could have only come at the cost of xps’s sanity, intelligence, and willingness. One would think he hated my barrage of "why" "how bout" "what if" questions lol.... but of course that is the thing about XPS.. he didn't mind helping someone out and in fact was always excited about it.

    NF will miss you XPS...a lot! We will miss your sense of humor, your patience with noobs, your friendliness, your loyal personality, your good nature and on and on. I learned so much from you mate, I will always remember the good times and please think of me every time you run across an old obscure u tube clip .

  • Very sad news big brother...I really think that it is you the main reason I love this game and also the reason I got the chance to meet so many nice people.
    I will definitely miss you.
    I send you my very best wishes.
  • :cookie: I will miss You my master. Was Your last task at hand to tempt me to the other side XPS? :P

    Well with You´re leaving the NF family far too soon, i´ll do my best to sharpen and perfecting my unrefined skills, You teached me in this short time in order not to soil Your name. At least drop by from time o time, You know where to find Us and all the best wishes for Your live after Ikariam ^^ With this said and done we´re gonna going to miss You Mister F

    All:hail: the mighty XPS
  • Oh XPS.

    How many fun times we had together. How many laughs we have had on chat. How many problems we have faced.

    I will miss you like no other my good friend. You have "retired" more than any one person I know so I am eager to see if this one will be like the others. I hope it is so that I still have a reason to stick around.

    It is hard to see myself playing without the 2 of you. As you put it, we were the 3 musketeers. You two kept me in the game and kept me around even though real life got real busy for me.

    As I told you in PM, you can contact me any time for anything.

    Good by my friend and good luck.

    All hail Ocsav!
  • I don't really have met 2 of u neither came across since i was a old small player back then. But still seeing you guys leaving the game gives me stupid kind of feeling that people are leaving.

    Farewell Buddy and Take Care.

  • This is a sad sad day for me, XPS and Chilidog leaving the game, 2 of the best leaders I have known in this game and 2 of the people I have argued with the most in the game for various reasons.

    I wish them both the best for the future and know RL have to come first, but without them Ikariam is a worse place and 2 really big holes are left in the game.

    Thanks for all the help that you both gave me, and I will miss you both

  • XPS,

    Bro, I only really knew you in passing, which is a shame.

    I hope the best for you and your future endeavors. Good luck; goodbye.

    In memory of you, I'll spin some Johnny Cash on the ipod.....

  • XPS...
    the best moral support a Leader could ask for...
    that is how i always thought of you.... even tho we had our disagreements i always respect you and never had any qualms about killing peeps on your orders.
    Dude... is time to lay back... open a cold one... and relax with family and friends.

    the show must go on "or so they say" and now is time to look forward the wars after the current ones :)

    XPS... i will miss you as friend... as an arguing buddy... and as a leader.
    good luck in life X...

    - ARRIVE
    - LEAVE
  • It's like someone has died in Zeta...

    When I was just starting Ikariam...for the second time...and was a really small player, you (like a lot of other players) occupied my towns and launched attacks from them. But you were the ONLY person to let me know what was going on! I've not forgotten what a classy move that was. It's sad to see you go. :respect: