The Brotherhood 'of' Steel has reached Ikariam and Is recruiting.

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  • The Brotherhood 'of' Steel has reached Ikariam and Is recruiting.

    *The alliance official name is "The Brotherhood' and the tag is 'Steel', The fictional name, wich shall be used in/for non-official means is " The brotherhood Of Steel"

    1. Alliance Name=The brotherhood
    2. Alliance Tag=Steel
    3. Founder of the Alliance= Sgt_Rex
    4. Contact person= Sgt_Rex
    5. Current Rank of Alliance=38#
    6. Brief description of Alliance=

    Inspired by the Fallout Series (Game)The Brotherhood 'of' Steel is a Semi-military alliance,bringing the proposition of growing independantly,and attempting to teach basic principles into the minds of the new players, We understand war is a part of the game,And... for god* sake,LETS ENJOY IT! =D,Here we will give you the 'basics' of war and make sure you have what you need to launch yourself into endless battles! We shall not let a Brother behind, As our motto says;

    "We fight together,We rise together,And we shall fall together", Every civilization comes to an end,if we face it as well we will go together.

    Current Number of Members=2(including me =b)

    We are accepting member that fulfil this requirements:

    I-At least 70K Total score (Not obligatory)
    II-Being able to maintain a 6k General score.
    III-Having no problem in occasional fights.

    Come join us,experience a 'different' alliance.

    Sgt_Rex Leader,Diplomat,General,Home Secretary & Janitor Of The Brotherhood 'Of' Steel.

    Closed due to alliance no longer exists - Hera 9.8.2013

    Old times...

    Divide and Conquer.

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