Seafaring Future Modification

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  • xclr82xtc wrote:

    sebarus: change to dimplomacy government. nice big reasearch boost there. along with population boost.
    If you mean me by "sebarus" I am not into either research or population boost..

    I am a warlike player (now at building mode) so preferred governments for me are Dictator or Theocracy (my current government)

    Thank you very much..

    my suggestion to improve economic future was for builder people..

    Edit: and also, if you mean diplomacy by "dimplomacy". I am afraid I don't know any government with that name.. :lol:

    If you mean "democracy".. I am sorry to say, but I hate that govt type.. it reduces your spy defense to rubble
  • Has anyone here considered that warships are slow for a reason? With this I could go around blockading smaller players willy nilly faster than they can move their trade ships. Poseidon already adds more than enough speed to a warship, and if you had both... well that just breaks the game. I'm sorry, if you've spread your colonies out, you need to pay the price of ridiculously long transition times. If you're attacking a player really far away, it should take a long time to get there. The whole point of future techs is that their use is low enough to warrant the option of knocking down all your academies once you're done. With this, anyone who wants any chance of competing with other players MUST get this research as high as they can, or their ships are completely useless.
  • Hrishiano wrote:

    Well, both would happen right...I just modified it, didnt change anything.
    Along with less upkeep, the speed would be faster

    If this is the case, I voted yes.
    If it was replacing the reduced upkeep, I wouldn't think it worth it.

    Good idea though!
  • "With every seafaring future-level, the speed of the fleet must be increased by 5%
    That way, once a player is done with the seafaring future (lv 10), the speed of his/her fleet would be up by 50%"

    I think have some change:
    "With every seafaring future-level, the speed of the fleet must be increased by 3% & plus 1 cargo ship"
  • Making ships permanently faster with futures is a good idea and I agree that 2% less upkeep per fututre offers very little, but I think 5% more speed per future is too much. If this is implemented, players with many futures will have too much of an advantage ovver lower-level players. 2-3% seems more reasonable.

    Or simply, ships should be faster overall. Not too much faster though, or else merch ships lose their value. I believe about 10-25% faster is good. Like for merch ships, every adjacent island shoud be 15-18 mins away instead of 20 and every diagonal island 22.5-25 mins instead of 30. Some people may think this is ridiculously fast for the nature of the game but remember that many people send fleets more than 5 or sometimes 10 islands away for multiple reasons and it takes hours.
  • Personally I'd rather see an increase in the % gold reduction. Keeping a large navy in times of war is a ridiculously expensive exercise.

    Any naval player worth their salt will have multiple poseidons to bring down the cooldown.

    If you choose to spread your towns over the server and opt not to have any poseidons then you should then have to deal with that not simply rely on the game changing.

    So for the above reasons I'll be voting no.