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  • Now that I've come out of retirement, I'm thinking that a new avatar and sig would be nice. I'm thinking they could be based on these pics. The avatar would be based on the far left image while the sig on the far right image (maybe superimposed onto a building/city reduced to rubble.

    Looking for something more animated looking vs the figurine in the pics

    Thanks in advance.


    Ridding Alpha of wasted resources, one pillage at a time
  • Very cool sebstar. :thumbsup:

    One more request. On the sig, can you add "Master Blaster" and the tag line "Two shall enter, one shall leave"?

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Ridding Alpha of wasted resources, one pillage at a time

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  • Nymph wrote:

    If you want any small changes made, just ask :)

    WOW Nymph. Soooo fast. This has great potential!

    Some changes if I may.
    1. I think it would look better with a City in Ruin as the background.
    2. The text is really hard to read and needs to be larger. Perhaps the tag line in the top left and my name at the bottom center/right.
    3. Is there a way to render the "Blaster" image so that it looks........not sure how to describe it, but less like an actual image?
    4. Keep the overage image as wide as possible, but you can crop from the top.

    Thank you very much.

    Ridding Alpha of wasted resources, one pillage at a time
  • 1. Ruined city pictures are very detailed ~ there is risk that if used, the background will draw attention away from Master Blaster. Furthermore realize that it will be very static, unless I can find a picture of a burning ruined city or something :S

    2. The text was indeed an issue; there is simply too much of it to include it all without killing the image. However, if you would like to prioritize readability over smooth blending, I'll change the text for you. Personally I would recommend removing the "Two shall enter, one shall leave" and just writing Master Blaster, but it's your signature :)

    3. Not really sure what you mean :pinch:

    4. So you would like it at 500 x 150? I'd have to zoom in more on Master Blaster's face for that to work well; if you don't mind that, it's doable.

    Edit: Finished a second version ~

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  • Kerkyraios wrote:

    can you make a signature for me plz?i am in the right thread?i am from greece

    No you're not in the right thread :P
    You need to post your own thread in the requests section - CLICK HERE

    Also, you can't request a signature anyway. For now. The rules state you need to be an active member of the board for 1.5 months before making a request.

    Lectronimo wrote:

    6. Requests
    Please only file a request if you're registered on the boards for 1.5+ months.
  • The text is way to big and draws attention away from everything in the tag.
    I personally think nymphs first one is a ripping tag, i would have that as my tag anyday!
  • What do you think?

    Get the maker to put a border on ~ it's really a too-sharp transition into the forum background.
    Cutting is a little sharp and the stuff doesn't really blend..
    Text is all over the place =/

    I love the lightning bolt :)
    It has a very "destructive" look ~ I think that's what you were going for ;)
    The colours are quite consistent ~ nice job with a black/white starting picture.

    Overall, it's fine ^ ^
    If you like it, use it :rolleyes:
  • Hey guys I would wonder is it possible if i can get my avatar pic animated. like it shimmers outward without distoring the figure in the middle? Or just shimmers? Please and thank you!
  • Yes i was going for a "total destruction" look. Thanks again for your efforts and feedback. It's been updated based on it and i'll run with it for now.

    Mods. You can close this thread. :tnx:

    Ridding Alpha of wasted resources, one pillage at a time