BORG (BORG) vs. Nubius (NVA)

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  • Have no fear, 7 of 9. Mr. Fox will post some fawning response trying to praise us while explaining he didn't do anything wrong. If that doesn't work, I'm sure that he'll draft a long winded response to our drunken Irishman begging friendship.

    Mr. Fox is the embodiment of the KNS/ARC/PRO/NVA attitude that I have no respect for. KonstantTrouble is craven.

    Cpt. Custard did fairly well for himself, both in words and actions. Ditto for Rhino.
  • Thanks for the compliment smash. What's your ingame #? (I try to make a point of knowing who I speak too)

    On another note, can we get some of those famous Borg jokes in here? I'm disappointed as that was one of the things I was most anticipating.
  • that kid called Mr. Fox doesn't know when to keep himself quiet. He talks, talks, talks, but at the moment of truth he cant face it and he runs away scare and calling for the grow ups to step up.
  • lokisimo IGN?? Nope its not..
    As i have had no dealing with i shall not comment on a pathetic comment.....

    Anyhows back to the skirmish - Yes did occupy but soon withdraw it, but it was meerly in protest to occupancies still underway by Borg.

    As it happens all day today one of my towns has been occupied.. Yet its still fun and i have also found one major flaw with the forge...

  • my in game name is 12 of 12, if you want any reference please ask it from your dear friends of MIN or any alliance that know's me, unlike you I dont yap and yap, I go to battle, and I face any adversary alone, I dont leave fights and let other person behind figthing. Thats something you should learn.