Miracles: Get out what you put in.

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  • Miracles: Get out what you put in.

    I suggest changing miracles so that you get the effect that your priests have put into it. Right now when someone else has full priests you can build a temple and not put in any priests and get the benefit of the miracle. However you actively pull down the player who was sacrificing their people in order to use the miracle. This makes it a strategy to build towns on enemy islands purely to grief them by pulling down their miracle and disallowing them to get 100% conversion and thus lvl 5 miracle without putting in a ton of troops. This goes completely against the reasoning of why miracles were put in as something you work together as island mates to accomplish and instead simply makes it a tool for trolling.

    I suggest that miracle potential level is determined by donations by the entire island just as it is now but the effect level is determined by your own priest count. So if you have 100% conversion you can use lvl 5 miracle. but if you have no priests you will not be able to use the miracle.
    This will also make it so players with mobiles can't get every miracle just by building a mobile, activating the miracle and then destroying the mobile since they would at least need to build for a bit before they would be at 100% conversion.


  • Game Balance

    Another good game balance idea.

    This solves the problem of mobiles and ambrosia moved towns destroying what 15 other players do together.

    at least with a mobile it takes time for a player to build of the citizens in the town. And can be dealt with by adding priests and blockaging the mobile. But when a level 30+ town is ambrosia moved to an island it is almost impossible to overcome the extra 3k+ citizens....

    So this has had the side effect of making paying players much more powerful, if they want to ruin the fun of the players who play the game as it was designed...
  • well, I've used the mobile stunt to activate different miracles easily, without putting much effort myself.

    But while changing this would force a change in strategy, I guess it would in fact be fairer to those who contributed to raise the miracle and spend the gold on priests to raise the island faith. I support this.
  • if they dont implement something next time around to fix the miracles im going to

    anyways another good suggestion and as i have said before JUST PICK ONE AND IMPLEMENT IT ALREADY thanks ^^
  • because out of all the miracle fixes this is the best one and this one is the one i hope they implement (its how it should have been made in the first place) GREAT IDEA!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbup: :thumbsup: :thumbup: :thumbsup: either way something need to be done to make it fair...
  • Great idea!!

    This is just what I'm needing!! I hope this will be implanted soon :p

    I'm having a big problem in my island, as two neighbours are from rival alliances and both don't want neither to increase all the faith nor demolish the temple, because they would be helping the other. So I'm not being able to use my forge!!
  • i currently have an enemy leacher following me chasing down my lvl 5 forge so i dont have unlimited use of it... the thing is... he cant stop me but it is annoying, so instead i did it to him found his lvl 5 and dropped it... it seems it is going to be one of those never ending ordeals... i wish that it didnt have to come to this, that it was what you put into it instead of going around ruining peoples miracles... although i dont see it changing... to many 200-400 ambro moves for them to just give it up... :S
  • Its a great concept, which will prevent people free riding the miracles.
    I think that it would be a good idea if the people on the island votes on which players on the island have the rights to use the wonder.

  • Sorry but I believe the original suggestion is better..!!

    Every player is on their own.. to use the miracle..!! :thumbup:

    say for example, I moved to a lonely island, in their I worked around.. upgraded the miracle to level 5.. then 3-4 newbies come in that island, decided to vote me out..

    All my hard earned resources, that I put in that miracle, is gone.. not only that.. I can't even use the miracle which ONLY I HAVE DEVELOPED..!!

    rather than that.. I suggest.. every player sees miracle as different buildings.. ie, If I have upgraded it to level 5 (using the total amt of resources), then only can see it as level 5.. all others who haven't donated a piece of anything.. will still see it as a level 0 miracle..

    also, if I have gathered 100% (or + 98%) faith.. no one can come to the island and mess it..!!

    He will have to start through 0 faith..

    as if we are in parallel dimension.. ;)

    what I mean is, miracles will see us differently.. not together..!!

    If I upgraded miracle as level 3, I can see it level 3, if others upgraded it (the same miracle) to level 5, he can see it as level 5..

    in brief.. everyone has to put 100% resources to use their share of miracle.. say for example, if a miracle needs total 1 Mil resources to be fully upgraded.. every single of the islanders will have to put 1 Mil resources each to upgrade it for themselves..!!

    also, if I have 100% faith with a level 30 town.. and someone puts a mobile next to me.. he will see the miracle of 0 level with 0% faith..

    so, if you want miracle.. you have to work it on yourselves.. Thus no one can leech miracles..

    we already have enough leechers that leech in mills and mines.. we don't need anymore..!!

    at least mills and mines' leechers don't reduce our allowed number of workers..!! but miracle leechers do reduce our faith..

    which is why it should be corrected..!!

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  • Agreed.

    It's all to easy to simply warp in a town, or plant a mobile.

    You don't even need to bother with Taverns, Museums, or Gov Residences. Faith calculation is determined by the maximum capacity of your town hall instead of how many citizens you have in the town.

    Maybe change it so it's the maximum capacity of your town hall, lessen the effect of other player on the faith by 75% (Both ways), or get rid of the idea altogether... -_-' I've got a person "Miracle Leeching" a Colossus miracle. I'm forced to put in an extra 320 priests to get the same effect. :thumbdown:
  • yeah i hope this one goes through but im not going to hold my breath on it... it highly pushes the ambrosia moves which makes GF a ton of money... and when it comes to what we want and them making money they will go with money every time... but i did vote yes and hope and pray they change it :rolleyes: