-CD- Crimson Dragons looking for new recruits

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  • -CD- Crimson Dragons looking for new recruits

    We, the Crimson Dragons are now recruiting players. The requirement to join our mighty alliance, you must have:
    1) Have at least 2 towns.
    2) Have at least 20 general points.
    3) Be an active player.

    To join, message ginje, zeuz or ifytahir.

    We have survived 5 wars(4 non-official and one official), a great feat for an alliance only created 2 months ago. We have 24 slots available and counting. Currently ranked 85, we are growing tremendously and hope to join the top 30 at the end of the year.

    Join now and be not part of a alliance, but a family. :thumbsup: We have loads of conversations so you will never get bored but if you don't want to get your inbox to 100 messages everyday, I, the diplomat have created an chatroom. I am so 8-)

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