Changelog Version 0.4.4

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  • Changelog Version 0.4.4

    • Feature - Forms of government
      • From now on you can select a form of government via the palace as soon as the new research topic Government Formation has been researched. There are eight different forms of government in total, which will bestow different bonuses but also different disadvantages on your island kingdom. The form of government can be changed as often as you like, although anarchy rules after each change. During anarchy, corruption in all towns is increased by 25% and no troop actions are possible. Completed research topics must precede the forms of government, whereby existing research topics have been extended and three new research topics have been added, Government Formation, Legislation and State Religion.

    • Feature - Alliance Chat
      • Every alliance has its own chat room, in which members can talk amongst one another. This can be entered via a button on the main page.

    • Feature - Alliance Forum
      • Every alliance receives its own forum in the Diplomacy Advisor. This means there are also new alliance rights, with which each alliance can determine who is allowed to administrate the up to 5 subforums with a maximum of 15 different threads and which members of the alliance can read and write in them.

    • Feature - The information screen about the Premium account has been revised.
    • For optimum loot distribution when pillaging, a player's individual waves are now summarised.
    • Feature - Different dummy packages can be bought for Ambrosia, which enable you to fool opposing spies about the real troop strength of a town.
    • Bugfix - Various errors in the alliance rank rights system fixed.
    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • General Information:
    The government forms get activated with a bunch of new researches at all levels and may be chosen in palace.
    Each government form provides a set of advantages and a set of inconveniences, so each player has to decide which one is best for him/her.
    Players can change government forms as often as they like as soon as they get the research “Government” BUT each government form change leads to a revolution.

    -> Costs 5000 Gold per city the player owns (that is for 10 towns you'll have to pay 50.000 ones)
    -> Leads to (30 * city amount) minutes of anarchy (that is for 10 towns there will be 5 hours of anarchy)

    Researches for government forms:
    • already available: Experiments (Science)
      -> Allows government form: Technocracy
    • already available: Code of Honor (Military)
      -> Allows government form: Aristocracy
    • already available: Market (Seafaring)
      -> Allows government form: Democracy
    • new: Government forming (Science)
      -> Allows: Change of government forms
      -> Allows government form: Dictatorship
      -> Allows government form: Oligarchy
      -> Pre-condition: Ink
      -> research points: 2836
    • new: LAW (Economy)
      -> Allows: Nomocracy
      -> Pre-conditions: Relaxation Holiday, Ink
      -> Research points: 8242
    • new: state religion (Science)
      -> Allows: Theocracy
      -> Pre-condition: Letter Chute
      -> research points: 202074
    Government forms:
    • Ikacracy (King of the Island)
      • Pre-condition: None
      • Advantages: None
      • Inconveniences: None
    • Aristocracy (Nobility)
      • Pre-condition: Code of Honor (Military)
      • Advantages:
        • 20% reduction of building times
        • +20% espionage defense
      • Inconveniences:
        • +3% corruption in all cities (except capital)

    • Democracy (People)
      • Pre-condition: Market (Seafaring)
      • Advantages:
        • +75 Satisfaction in all Cities
        • +1 research point each hour for each displayed cultural good
      • Inconveniences:
        • -20% espionage defense
        • 5% longer building times for troops (NOT ships)

    • Dictatorship
      • Pre-condition: Government forming (Science)
      • Advantages:
        • 2% reduced costs for troops and war ships
        • 2% faster building times for troops and war ships
        • +2 trade ships
      • Inconveniences:
        • -75 Satisfaction in all Cities

    • Nomocracy (ruled by laws)
      • Pre-condition: Law (Economy)
      • Advantages:
        • -5% Corruption in all cities
        • 20% espionage defense
      • Inconveniences:
        • 5% longer times to produce troops and war ships
        • 50% longer times for loading things in your own ports

    • Oligarchy (power rests with small number of people)
      • Pre-condition: Government forming (Science)
      • Advantages:
        • +5 Range of trade posts
        • +10% trade ships speed
        • +2 trade ships
        • 2% less upkeep for war ships
      • Inconveniences:
        • 20% longer construction time for all buildings
        • +3% corruption in all cities

    • Technocracy (Experts/Scientists)
      • Pre-condition: Experiments (Science)
      • Advantages:
        • +5% research points
        • +20% productivity of assistant workers
      • Inconveniences:
        • +1 gold per hour for each scientist

    • Theocracy (Priests)
      • Pre-condition: State religion (Science)
      • Advantages:
        • -20% cooldown for all wonders
        • +100 satisfaction in all cities with temple
        • + Satisfaction bonus (Conversion rate of own population * 2, capped at +150 satisfaction)
        • +1 gold per priest (citizens normally generate 3 gold per hour, priests 0 per hour. In Theocracy, priests will now generate 1 gold per hour)
      • Inconveniences:
        • 5% less research points per hour
        • -20 satisfaction in all cities without temple

    • Anarchy
      • Pre-condition: Revolution
      • Advantages: None
      • Inconveniences:
        • 25% additional corruption in all cities
          It should be possible to lessen that additional corruption with higher levels of palace/governors residence.
        • All troops and war ships return home if they are stationed in foreign cities or on their way to foreign cities
        • All troops and war ships scatter automatically if they fight in foreign towns or ports
        • NO impact on fights taking place in own cities
        • You cannot move units during anarchy
        • You cannot train units during anarchy
        • You cannot send anyone on a spy mission or order one

    Special case:
    Occupation of your capital causes Xenocracy (Ruled by someone else): ALL Advantages and Inconveniences of your government form will be halved, for example for Nomocracy this means:
    • Advantages:
      • -2.5% corruption in all cities
      • 10% espionage defense
    • Inconveniences:
      • 2.5% longer times to produce troops and war ships
      • 25% longer times for loading things in your own ports