Is beta dead?

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  • that depends on how hard you look for trouble. i'm on beta and zeta, and zeta is more active, but then again, on beta i kinda looked for empty islands, on zeta i am on the middle.
  • If you really think about it, in my opinion it isnt dead. And as Isht said, it depends if ur in the middle or on empty islands and how hard you look for trouble. Each person has his own opinions. :)

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    Big-Brother wrote:

    Luckily for us Forsaken has proved himself to be a very very decent warrior - just what we look for in NAA.

    ~Great Iota war veteran and friend
  • I don't think Beta is Dead. You can find alot of trouble to get into on the Beta server... All you have to do is look a little... If you want to build and work on your Empire without being harassed all you have to do is leave people alone and do your own thing... It just depends on how you want to play the game....
  • All I know is that when I started playing, my island and all the islands around me were nearly full. Now the closet active player in my area is about 12 islands away. I've tried to invite a few players into my region but - why would they. If they do join they go straight for the middle of the board. I dont blame them - Id do the same if I were a new player. But when I first started playing, IKA chose my location and dropped me where I am, and at the time it was active. I currently have 9 towns, its not like I can move them... I'm not interested in starting again from scratch... I guess I just keep waiting to see if the game is going to come up with some solutions. I have no idea what that would look like - merge servers - reduce the size of Beta by reducing the total number of unoccupied islands - offer more town relocation options - or somehow manage to recruit more new players to fill the map...

    Until then - it sure feels like a ghost town up where I am.
  • continuation of thread Beta is dead. It's not a question anymore...

    Please refer to post to read

    Discussion Beta is dead. It's not a question anymore...

    “Your remark of mods being biased is not grounded, since mods do not watch over ingame afairs.”

    Well then how do you know what’s going on then like who is trolling and spamming

    “On top of that, Mods do not moderate the worldsections they play in, which keeps them from being tempted to being biased on the board.”

    Is that right;

    Well then, if everyone would have a quick look at the War alliance Beta server alliance page (before they change it after this) you will see at the bottom “contributions to this page.” and to whom……???? Why it their good buddies Cmodrummer fan art helper and last but never least the head Board Administrator “Plumbum”!!! Yea Yea. Its their old buddy Plumbum who Help them put their page together; he likes War better than the other people? No; of course not. That Plumbum; he is a great Board Administrator.

    Ok lets pretend that it is not a one sided forum and forget that none of the war members have never really gotten warned or banned. In fact none have ever. LOL. What explains that there are so few people in the beta forums and actually speak out? Or why is it the same ole group or is a group who has respect for the greatest alliance in beta which is War of course. No one from any of the other alliances cares to involve themselves as they used too.

    1. They quit the game which is possibly a GO problem.

    2. They are afraid of getting warned and banned because they might offend a War member

    3. That might offend a War member and get themselves banned outside by GO’s are more. What’s more? What does that mean? Anyone can see the supremacy of one group; but really why are people quitting. Are they feeling as many that there’re is a possible one sided influence or control over them? Faced with a decreasing population of people because they are constantly getting raided and out pillaged. Towns are constantly being moved 8 to 10 times more than usual against them. Hmmm… yea I would say the server will most likely die out and there will not be any more ambrosia to sell only to hand out. Now as far as other servers go, well they just never really took off to begin with. You can see some of the newer servers are coming alive… hmm… perhaps there is evenly balanced some how. Kind of makes a difference.

    Speaking of never banned in game so many of War members which include old DLR and Thorne have never ever been banned. It’s always clarified … always clarified by someone. Hey I’m a war member what are you doing. Clarified must mean whoops sorry my bad….

    I remembered Dawn people were a huge alliance and so many of their fighters got banned. Thought I would get a few last punches before I’m gone.

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  • Well, we are currently at war with WAR alliance, but i guess the rules apply to ALL including the WAR members. Thats my personal opinion here. WAR has some mods in their alliance but that doesnt mean that if they disregard a rule they can get away with it, they will be acted on accordingly. :)

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    Big-Brother wrote:

    Luckily for us Forsaken has proved himself to be a very very decent warrior - just what we look for in NAA.

    ~Great Iota war veteran and friend
  • WAR has no mods in our membership. And we're getting more board bans than anyone :P

    In the game you can only be banned if you don't play by the rules (ie. cheat). We have only veteran players and they know the rules, hence no bans. Even more I didn't see any big player be perma banned for a while in beta. Old Dawn got that big because they cheated (not all of them of course) and that's why they got banned. In the same war some Thorn members were banned also but like I said we learned much since then.

    As for Gmaster, well he's delusional and always blames others for problems he caused on himself. I think I said enough.
  • The Beta war will continue as long as Beta is around. I was banned from beta for cheating. I will never confess to doing it. I will take the 5th before any congressional hearing.
  • I was banned while in DLR. It was my fault somewhat, (Stupid trading partner). I know we are not supposed to talk about Bans on the forums but just wanted to throw that out at everyone.
  • Mods ingame have no power. If a player mods on, lets say Iota, and plays on Beta, he or she that plays on beta has no modding powers.

    As for activity, try pillaging a guy with 1mil TS and see what happens. Or maybe YKZ, they responded to when I hit one of their members (but it was pathetic :P)
  • I already be warned because of a trade problem, too. Even if it wasn’t volunteer (and it was because of a 3000 or 4000 resources problem, for an exchange between 500k total score players!!! Ridiculous). Well, it sucks, but it’s the life…

    A rant is not constructive? It’s a point of view. It allows to open a debate, at least, when there is a little ground about what it is saying.
    - If nobody complain, it’s because everything is alright.
    - If somebody howl, it’s somebody who just like criticize the system.

    Is this point of view very constructive too?

    The problem is not how people explain themselves, but what they talk about. What I have seen, in the “it’s not a question anymore” thread, is that 2 mods have answered, defending themselves, chocked by their own questioning! That’s all!
    I haven’t seen a mod saying “I can understand, let’s open a thread about this question for everybody”. Just “what? You are saying that we are cheating?”… and hop, the thread is closed. I recognize that the “beta is dead?” thread has been followed. But as you see, this thread has been more active since my “rant”.

    Mods give their time to moderate the forums. But because you want it! Nobody forces you, I think! So don’t send flowers to yourself please. Everybody is happy to have you, to moderate the forum. But don’t be chocked when somebody questions about you! As you say, you are just players who plays Ikariam, and want to participate more than the only game. You mustbe accountable, notincriticables. You have a role, because you want it, not a grade.

    Anyway, there are about 2000 players on Beta server. A big part of them are inactive. There are 5000, 6000, …, 12000 for other servers. So, please see the things, and please avoid to just blame a forumer because he doesn’t speak as you would like. If mods are so passionate about the game, why they don’t make proposals to change the things? Bah, maybe because, as you say, mods don’t moderate forum where they play. So Beta mods moderate a “world” from where they don’t know anything!
    OK, we can turn around for a long time. But if mods are players, maybe they can prefer to heard problems, and not feel to be attacked when somebody howls.

    So, proposals to make the server alive again:

    - Give the goldy protection till 30k total score. Even if they build an army before. The army of a 30k total score player still be small, regarding a 100k, 200k, 500k, etc. total score player. And it will avoid young players to be disappointed of the game at the beginning (it’s regular that we can see very little players been attacked). For example, I have put a friend to play Ikariam last year. He liked it. But he was constantly attacked, since the beginning, by a 1M player. He “played” with him, it was a challenge for him. I have never invited him in my own alliance at this time, because I wanted him to feel the game how he had to. And I wanted him to feel the game how it was. But at a moment, it was boring. However, he was a friend who liked to spend $ to play on an online game. Today, he has left Ikariam, and spends his money in another online game (not a Gameforge one, for information). And I understand him

    - Put the Beta server at the default choice when a new player join the game. I have joined the game in May 2009, because a guy who already played, and asked me to subscribe to the Beta server because of the lack of players. If he didn’t there, I was be able to take the first one which was displayed.

    - Give an important bonus for a player who join an alliance (gold and resources). Inversely proportional of the size of the alliance. Not because I AM in a medium alliance, but because it will push player to re-balance the alliance board, and make challenge, to animate again the map. An important bonus means 500k gold and 100k of each resources, in example.

    - Give 5$ ambrosia to each new player in Beta. It’s not a lost. People who buy ambrosia never buy only 5$ (almost). So new players will never buy 5$ of this. So give the want for new players to buy ambrosia. Showing by themselves what they can do with. If they don’t buy ambrosia after, believe that they won’t ever buy ambrosia at all in their life!

    I know that it’s somehow radical “solutions”, but when a server is dying, I think that everybody will win through this.

    I heard Hardkill about the school session. But I am there from 2009, and it wasn’t like that in september 2009 and 2010.