Epic Sings Farewell

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  • Epic Sings Farewell

    Gokartman , TheRoman or Epic Knight after 4 long years of battling and causing trouble on world Alpha my time has come to leave alpha as I am only going to keep 1 world.

    I can only be contacted on this board account or in Xi now.

    Special People I would like to mention who made my gameplay special.
    Dilan007 - My first friend our both allies merged to become bigger.
    Tomjohn - General of Aztec Angels a wise general and brought us to 15th place
    MVPRockstar - Enemy of Aztec Angels
    Ozzymandus - The ally that wouldn't help us :P ahh nah you had good advice
    Wesleys - The Alinc player that yapped his mouth about owning me and coming to visit me on the boards but I never got a single CR out of him in all my gameplay.
    Guardian Valor - My leader in BLADE
    The Guardian - AWE leader my forever home!
    Kingzswartz - General of AWE
    Kevotopia - My island mate we have to stay in touch.
    Ryzues - Island mate for 3 years
    Cester - Diplomat of BLADE
    DarkChaos - A foe
    Mmaatt - A strange child who plays diplomat :L

    If I have missed anyone please take my thanks anyways.

    Goodbye. ;(
  • well, its nice to know that i dont have to worry about you and your master plan (not that it included instructions on how to get there) of bringing me down...

    dude, you forgot to delete your account

    i'll keep track of you on xi board to see what other plans you decide to initiate, for a good laugh.

    i guess there no harm in wishing you good luck in xi. so good luck in xi lol
  • Bye

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