Phoenix Rage [EPHXR] is recruiting small players.

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  • Phoenix Rage [EPHXR] is recruiting small players.

    Hello! I am MadDog32 in game, leader of alliance Phoenix Rage.

    • Alliance Name
      Phoenix Rage
    • Alliance Tag
    • Founder(s) of the Alliance and/or her Leader(s)
      MadDog32 (Leader)
      WhisperingGhost (Home secretary, Diplomat and Co-leader).
    • Contact person(s) or diplomat(s)
      MadDog32 {contact about alliance purposes, policy or military problems}
      WhisperingGhost (Home Secretary, Diplomat) {contact with anything else related to alliance}
    • Current Rank of Alliance
      Just founded. 149th place.
    • Current number of Members: 3
    • Brief description of Alliance

    The alliance will have all treaties with only one alliance: EOG(Empire Of Gods) as
    1st. Phoenix is one of the gods
    2nd. This is alliance for everyone to join with every playstyle they have. Alliance will have their own groups and ranking system.So far main system already developed.
    3rd. There is ability to join EOG once approved by WhisperingGhost and/or MadDog32. :thumbup:
    4th. We protect our members diplomatically and militarily. We will teach how to poke like this: :stick: , sneak like this: :xeno: , use bazookas and other weapons and make your enemy do this :dash: or this :puke: .
    Sorry for smiley spam, but I had to make all clear via pictures.
    5th. We will teach people the ability to take retal and not lose too much resources...which is unfortunately very common in some servers.

    Alliance will not have treaties with any other alliances, if not decided other way by leadership and members.
    This is because Phoenix Rage is an alliance, that helps people grow up and reach minimum requirements for EOG. The alliance works as one. It is founded by two players: WhisperingGhost (ingamename) and MadDog32(ingame name). Contact either of us on info about alliance.
    Alliance players will learn how to do maximum damage with most weak techonology used.
    Also, joining EOG will be privileged. People are free to join any other alliance or stick with EPHXR.
    And something that tells all about our members.
    "Perfect creature. A beast, that arises from his own ashes."
    "Mess with phoenix and you mess with gods theirselves."

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  • Recruiting is still on. The is no cooperation with any of alliances.

    From now on, also alliance ranks are all in order. If you are a good player, you can become a commander of certain groups. Ranks of the groups will be made, if there starts to be more than one group.(over 10 players)
    Yet, alliance is co-lead by WhisperingGhost.
  • Alliance entering requirements have changed: If you belong to any other alliance and are contacted to join, contact me(MadDog32) directly.
    We recruit only low and new members, who are not in alliance. Those, who wish to change alliance, must notify me(preferably, another possibility is WhisperingGhost).

    [Also, the ranking system has been developed, yet is still expandable a little more.
    Special rank StonePhoenix (Builder)

    Special rank Ultimate Shadow (Inteligence highest rank possible to achieve. Only given by permission of home secretary and allliance leader)
    Special rank ShadowColonel (Inteligence rank)
    Special rank Shadowsarge (Intelifence rank)
    Special rank WindPhoenix (Neutral player)
    Special rank Phoenix FighterX (Fighter)
    Special rank Frying Phoenix (Forum Moderator)
    Special rank Allmighty Fire (Co-general. The one who helps developing tactics, if possible)

    Special rank Phoenix the Wise (Highest rank of inteligence)

    Special rank ShadowPhoenix (Lowest inteligence rank)

    1 Fierce Dragon fighter
    2 Fire Dragon
    3 Red Dragon
    4 The young dragling
    5 Phoenix Warrior
    6 Phoenix Sword
    7 Phoenix Soldier
    8 Phoenix Recruit

    Don't beg for ranks. You can ask for different rank(that is still not in the list), but you'll stay as normal member. You will also be listed under members list as normal member. You have to ask the rank from Leader(MadDog32) first. You will get the rank you deserve.
    Don't beg for being a moderator, cause we assign moderators only the people we trust.

    PS! Ranking system is also up in alliance forum

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