Perfect Town Build

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    • Perfect Town Build

      We all need to include TOWN HALL, TOWN WALL, TRADING PORT AND PALACE.. that leaves us 10 available spaces to control.

      I included Tavern, Hideout, Carpenter, Academy, Warehouse. - that leaves 5 more spaces

      I want to know what are the other 5 Buildings you added on the 5 available spots left,
      you must include the changes/factors which is :
      -USEFUL miracle
      -what type of LUXURY ( Sulphur, marble, crystal, wine) your town is,
      -No ambrosia included.
    • Well the academy can be taken away when you finished basic research if you like.
      Hideout you don't necessarily need either, especially if you choose democracy as a form of government, may as well not have a hideout then. But one is useful for spying on people.

      A museum is too valueable not to have one.

      It ultimately comes down to what type of playing style you are choosing to play. If you are a builder, you'll want at least carp and architect, perhaps a 3rd reduction building such as fta or optician in towns that you can fit them. Winepress suck, you should never have them. You definitely want a forester and lux booster in all towns, and possibly keep an academy.

      If you are a fighter, you definitely have a lot more space, but you'll probably want more barracks and Fta to save on sulfur. I wouldn't worry about an architect, and you are probably going to focus less on expand, and more on building up. Also, you want temples in all towns, and probably want to get rid off the academy asap. Possibly use more warehouses to protect loot, but even as a builder I like keeping two per a town and keep resources under safe level 95% of the time.

      If you are a trader, perhaps your have trading posts in all your colonies, and spread out more. I don't know, I never really tried this role. I think most the top traders are guys that tend to just be pushing gold to build bigger armies, ain't necessarily real traders.
    • Well i m a builder and defensive player. In my capital i have Carpenter, tavern, forester, stonemason, warehouse, hideout(as i said defensive player i only pillage when i see lots of loot) embassy which will be replaced by Temple as i have Hephaestus forge, barracks which will be replaced by Museum, shipyard and academy.