Complete advantages of occupation

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    • Complete advantages of occupation

      dear friends and community of ikariam
      i am new here and have a quick question for u. please be patient and gentle :P
      i have a few questions about occupation
      i have read the wiki and also the posts about it --how ever i do have a few doubts.
      can we actually take over the economy of the person whose town i have occupied?

      If the player who is occupied by me is there any advantages for me?

      Thanks and God bless
    • there is a couple things that happen when you occupy, and a few different types of occupation.

      ill start with a basic military occupation, that towns military costs 2x material to build, as long as you control that town and you can see all units in the town.. you can also launch attacks from it and see the town layout.

      the second type is a port occupation, your opponent can not leave through that town and can not receive reinforcements though that port while you control it (your alliance mates still have access) you can not see town layout, naval forces cost 2x material to build in that town.

      the third and newest type is if your military occupies a capitol city (the one with a palace) in which case if they have a government in place all advantages and disadvantages are halved and it works the same as a regular town occupation. all occupations allow you to see incoming attacks on that town including the town owner, but if the owner of the town builds an army in the occupied town while you own it you will not see an incoming attack.

      hope this helps ^^
    • most definitely helps
      and thanks for the quick answer
      now please consider this:

      suppose there is a player with lots of resources(i know it coz of espionage reports) but has no army up yet(again espionage reports). I know i can occupy him very easily and hold it indefinitely BUT i want his resources and not admister his town.
      I do know pillaging is the way u will point me but will occupation be of any benefit to this end??

      i.e. can i totally take over that town and make it a satellite colony which will be producing resources solely for transport to the mother colony.

      I know it sounds harsh but ofc that is the aim of the game isnt it?

      thanks for your reply in advance
    • When you occupy the town, you cannot attack it. So just choose the Pillage button so you can enjoy his resources. But i just remember, you can occupy it, but its ports only. That is, to prevent bouncing of your troops due to warships stationed in that town and to prevent reinforcements from coming.


      Occupation is done only when you are just to station your troops in that town, and launch attacks through-out the island. It helps because there is less travel time with your troops.
    • i forgot to mention with a port occupation trade ships are blocked from moving in or out of the town blocked. but as hernz said you can not pillage an occupied town just attack towns through your occupation. and if im not mistaken the occupied town receives a 10% bonus of everything you pillage from your occupied town, and if you are trying to loot him pillage only. you dont actually control anything resource wise if you occupy them, you just make it harder to make a army