RHO are you excited on the new looks and for android APS of ikariam ?

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  • RHO are you excited on the new looks and for android APS of ikariam ?

    Discuss it here

    so that players will be updated in information you get

    and we will learn more about the new APS for andoid/mac and new version of ikariam... :thumbsup:


    I wonder when it will be implemented
  • I actually had quite the opposite reaction than what FMLB experienced.

    I hate mobile phones and I think we should ban them. Mobile phones are the reason why we are on such a social decline. No one talks to each other in person anymore. It's all about texting, sexting, and cyberspace. It's time you put down that phone and start talking to your neighbors again.

    By the way. stop reporting people for bring life into a dead forum.

    Don't like my post? Then change your mind! - Kenny Powers
  • I unfortunately don't have a smart phone

    p.s. i said it before once, but i will say it again
    YOU ARE MY HERO... you need to get an award for your consistently tastefully-offense, true, hilarious, best posts ever
  • I agree with anynamewildo smart phones are killing us... I think everyone should switch to an Ipad to use the app =). I'm looking forward to it. I'm thinking the app will come later in the year since we took the survey at the end of 2011. Didn't seem that they had much work on it done yet.