Pinned IKARIAN CARTOON (the Ikariam comic)

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    • Keep up the awesome job!

      Kostas, I just found out your cartoons and shared them with my alliance and friends right away!

      I am happy there is someone out there who has thought of a fun way to immortalize all the aspects of Ikariam lol! Please keep them coming, I appreciate your efforts into creating them! I am interested - which program do you use to make the cartoons, and how long does it take you? How did you get the idea, would you share with us?

      I laughed at the Boss cartoon, such a funny one! The New Town one was hilarious too!

      I also agree with someone who mentioned before me that it would probably be better if the cartoons opened into their big versions right away when you click the thumbnails. But even like this, it is ok.

      Thank you for your time! I really enjoy what you do and will continue following your series!

    • yep ahaha
      it was interesting :))
      really good job :D

      congrats mate :D
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    • Showed this to my family, and they were laughing so hard. Really love the comics, and I hope that you continue to make these - I am finding them very entertaining. A big :thumbsup: from me!
    • when will come out your next page sir?

      i think this is a very good idea that you have make a comic so we will waste our time reading and laughing in your stories