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  • lol... now you're both wrong and it IS looking more and more like the whole world is getting involved somehow. We haven't seen so much action like this in a very long time.
  • Damn. Gotta say, TSO, you guys have fought well. Big Gens, big gold supplies, generous online times, and good fighting with miracles. *applaud*

    This war has been awesome so far- gotta love the social pressure to war on each other forming.

    I personally call it a World the hopes that it truly boils up to be one. Still want more chaos!! :love:
    [MEH] Beta and Sigma.
    "Bitter experience in war has taught the maxim that the art of war is the art of the logistically feasible."
    - ADM Hyman Rickover, USN
  • Well KK, as a southern gentleman I am sure you would be happy to let a nice girl from Atlanta come visit your home and "borrow" some supplies, yes? I mean especially after all y'all came and trashed my house so badly in MaimBashHumble. Beerman was still there picking up the smashed beer cans floating up in my harbour this morning, but I let him go home tonight.
  • Instead of posting this in each thread, I'll just post it here. Early tomorrow morning I'll be going V-Mode for the second time ever......It will only be for two days hopefully as I'm having some minor surgery and hopefully I'll be recovered enough to play by then. Keep up the good fight and I'll see you soon!

    **Disclaimer** I do not actually have the illness in the above picture, nor do I think the above picture is funny, I'm trying to raise awareness for government funding. That is all.

  • Every time I try to say something, I get banned. Someone needs to create an unofficial Ikariam forum that isn't moderated by 36 year women who watch Twilight and Anime.

    Someone give me a break down on how the WAR is going. I would prefer to hear from unbiased player such as Equinox.

    Don't like my post? Then change your mind! - Kenny Powers
  • Not To Good

    I am biased, but the numbers back me up. Like I just told MBH maybe NWA should concentrate more on war training instead of war starting. But then again, maybe you will have better luck against us the fifth time you try. I will leave the funny pictures to you folks, I am too busy dreaming one of you might show up ready and willing to fight a real battle......WAIT, more sniper ships are coming....what do I do. Seems like the only thing you folks think you have mastered. Sure would be hard to win a war with sniper ship damage.
  • Ahh Beerman, are you just bitter about losing some 6k GS to just snipers? And that doesn't even count the damage I did to your alliance mates with "just snipers" and of course the trouble my alliance mates caused TSO making your aliance vulnerable to attacks from other alliance involved in this war.

    It is more difficult to win if you do not get to to dictate the terms of a conflict, isn't it? But life is more fun when it isn't so predictable :thumbsup:

    Smile...this is supposed to be fun :D
  • Oh Beerman, we know how to fight we just don't have the super egotistical I'm gonna build up a 100k General Score because I have gold flowing out my butt accounts like you guys do. Everyone is having fun, why don't you go find a serious thread to post in so you don't ruin it for everyone else.

    As stated before, this war was not to "beat" you guys, it was to get Epsilon more involved so the server doesn't die. It obviously worked, Epsilon hasn't seen this many wars at one time since the "Coffee Table" days.
  • Make it rain gold, fools. MAKE IT RAIN GOLD. :cursing:

    /scampers off
    [MEH] Beta and Sigma.
    "Bitter experience in war has taught the maxim that the art of war is the art of the logistically feasible."
    - ADM Hyman Rickover, USN
  • End of Wars wrapup

    Hey all,

    So, I hope that at least some of you enjoyed the wars. I had hoped that they would get Epsilon active again, and it seems to have worked. I realize it might not be a permanent solution, but it was great to see more than one page worth of active wars.

    Message from me to each "enemy" alliance:

    @VVV: If you are going to disband your alliance during the middle of a war, at least do it with style. Mix it up on the boards, dare everyone to come after you and, once they are on all of your islands, THEN disband your alliance. 0 points awarded to this defunct alliance.

    @CRASH: It was like you were in a war with ETTA to see who was the biggest punching bag. I'm not sure if either of you won that war, so I'll call that one a tie. 5 points awarded to CRASH for not disbanding during the war.

    @ETTA: See @CRASH above. 5 points awarded to ETTA for not disbanding during the war. -2 points for LORD Quercus being...well, LORD Quercus.

    @ANGEL: I was honestly glad when I realized you didn't really have your sights set on us. We already had our hands full. Thanks for jumping in to the wars and making them more interesting. :) 15 points awarded to ANGEL for joining the fray (this points thing is starting to have a creepy Harry Potter feel to it).

    @SYN: *Sigh* Honestly, this one kinda hurt. SYN used to be such a great alliance and I really enjoyed my time in it. I was really, really hoping that I was wrong about it being dead. But, besides Mene and a little action from Phil (oh, and Equi's "mouth action"), it seems like I was right. Call us "SYN Jr." if you want, I'm happy to say that I took the best (and active) parts of SYN with me when I created DEST. 17 points awarded to SYN for "memories past". *puke*

    @TSO: First off all, respect...I looked @ the other TSO war threads and, as expected, you took care of business. I know that we weren't much more than a fly in the ointment for you, but I also know that it irritates you that DEST "beat" least in the technical sense. I'd call the "annoyance" levels equal, but then there is the personal matter of how you annoyed me...I'm sure you know what I mean! 30 points for taking care of business in your other wars.

    @ROALL: Was impressed that you actually struck out with three floaters in an attempt to take me out. Against a different kind of player, this may have worked. Your naval skills are impressive, just need to work more on the ground game. One guy shouldn't be able to take on all of your players and win like that. But, given more time, I'm guessing I would have had my hands full. 18 points for naval effort. -5 points for ground military efforts. 20 points for the floaters.

    I guess that means ROALL wins the House Cup. You will have to make use of an old one that I found from 2009 while we make you a brand new one:

    What the heck was I thinking about this points thing?

    Thanks, everyone.


    Thanks to FallenHero for my sig
  • Bodude, just to add on to what you said in the DEST/TSO thread, TSO is not "arguably" the best fighting alliance in Epsilon......they ARE the best fighting alliance in Epsilon. They've proved themselves over and over again in each and every war that they've been in that they will bring their A game every time. They are taking a big hit with Branty leaving but trust me, he was only a part of that well oiled machine called The Sacred Order. Nice job guys, its always fun to fight you guys!