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  • Guides - Wonders Training - Mods to post to the Guides section

    Miracles (Wonders) Training

    Wonders - What they do

    The Colossus

    This wonder is used to kick all troops & fleet that you are currently fighting in ANY of your towns. Now the very important thing to remember is your troops have to be fighting, if there is a battle in you town, but you have no troops in town it will not work, also if battle is over & they are occupy town or blocking port during a land battle they will not be kicked. When the troops are kicked they are given a scatter time depending on the wonder level & then they also need to return to the origin city of the troops, sometimes this can be on the other side of the map so it could be from 30min – 40 hours
    • Colossus works immediately but it takes 3 day to cool down, before you can reuse (unless you have multiple temples, so some times it can be better to wait till all enemy troops are in battle
    • When fighting someone who has a colossus, never go all in with your troops, just keep sending in small batches, as soon as they use you are free to go all in, as it will be 3 days before they can use again.

    1) 10% of all enemy troops and ships at your cities are driven away.
    The scatter time of 4:30 hours
    2) 20% of all enemy troops and ships at your cities are driven away.
    The scatter time of 5 hours
    3) 30% of all enemy troops and ships at your cities are driven away.
    The scatter time of 5:30 hours
    4) 60% of all enemy troops and ships at your cities are driven away.
    The scatter time of 6 hours
    5) 100% of all enemy troops and ships at your cities are driven away.
    The scatter time of 7 hours

    Hephaistos’ Forge (or as l call it the Hep Forge)

    This is the most dangerous of the wonders, l recommend everyone get one & is also be ready to run from one, do not go to bed with your troops in a battle any more.
    This wonder basically gives you a huge boost to Damage and a very slight boost to the protection of troops & fleet. This will affect all of your troops no matter where they are fighting, does not have to be just your town. What happens is some of your troops receive a bonus these are , Swords, Steam giants, Hoplites, Gyrocopters, Balloons your HEP will only affect your troops, so if you run out of troops or ammo, effect will be lost.

    Once activated the Hep forge runs for 24 hours (1 day)
    While the Hep is activated you will lose less swordsman in ever round of battle
    While the Hep is activated it will power up the Gyrocopters, so as long as they have ammunition they will kill all of the enemy balloons (if they dint have Hep) as such the balloons cannot kill any of the artillery, so you can move in you Mortars & catapults & destroy his Heavy artillery (Only move in if you are fighting Steam Giants, as Rams, Catapults & Mortars all do the same damage to Hopolites). If this happens to you & you do not have a Hep forge of the same level or higher run….RUN….AWAY. Or your troops will be destroyed.

    Sea battle is also similar, losses on Balloon carriers will double, loses Ram Ships is much less & yuor front line fleet take many less losses

    1) All combat units cause +10% damage.
    2) All combat units receive +1 Armour and cause +10% damage.
    3) All combat units receive +1 Armour and cause +15% damage.
    4) All combat units receive +2 Armour and cause +15% damage.
    5) All combat units receive +2 Armour and cause +20% damage

    Temple of Poseidon

    This can be a very helpful wonder, depending on the charge level it reduces the travel time of you troops, it last for 4 hours any trips that start during this 4 hour period travel at the increased pace for their entire journey even if that is over 24 hours. It has a 20 hour cool down once wonder finished running.

    1) 10% increased speed for warships and transporters.
    2) 30% increased speed for warships and transporters.
    3) 50% increased speed for warships and transporters.
    4)70% increased speed for warships and transporters.
    5) 100% increased speed for warships and transporters.

    Temple of Hermes

    This wonder speeds up the loading time of all ships, this can come in handy if you get in trouble & need to run, or clear out a town of resources. I personally have used and l did not think the cost of the priest was worth the gain, as in war times l always try to have an exit plan & keep my towns empty of pillage able resources.

    It last for 4 hours & has a 20 hour cool down period

    1) The loading speed of your transporters is increased by 20%.
    2) The loading speed of your transporters is increased by 40%.
    3) The loading speed of your transporters is increased by 60%.
    4) The loading speed of your transporters is increased by 80%.
    5) The loading speed of your transporters is increased by 100%.

    Demeter’s Garden

    This wonder increases the rate at which you population increases when you are below the max levels for your towns, the amount changes depending on you charge level. I have one of these wonders upgraded in my town, but l do not leave priests in all the time as it is only of use when you have brought down the population of many of your towns at once. If you have only one military town that you recruit from l recommend you don’t worry about this wonder, but if you are like me & recruit from every town, then this can be very helpful. When multiple of my towns are getting low l then put in priests to my already built temple, it then takes about 4 days to charge, once l use l take out all the priest as this wonder has a 8 days cool down period after it finishes.

    1 the population of your cities is increasing by 1person / per hour.
    2 The population of your cities is increasing by 2people / per hour.
    3 The population of your cities is increasing by 3people / per hour.
    4 The population of your cities is increasing by 4people / per hour.
    5 The population of your cities is increasing by 6 people / per hour.

    Temple of Athena

    This wonder increase the storage capacity of your warehouses, l don’t think this is
    a very useful wonder as you can use only once every 7 days & you have to be online. It is much better to get your resources below the safe levels the whole time during war

    Ares’ Stronghold

    This increases the morale of all the troops fighting in any battle that you have at least 1 troop in it last for 12 hours

    1. In a land battle with some troops that had no cook's with them, normally after about 4 to 5 rounds they would have scattered, but with wonder running they stayed till all defeated
    2. In a sea battle most battles last 4 - 5 rounds maximum, but with Ares running battle can go on as long as Ares active, this is great when you find a fleet with a player off line and no tenders, or if you have to protect a port at all cost, where you are willing to take more damage to keep port open

    1 +50 morale per round
    2 +100 morale per round
    3 +200 morale per round
    4 +300 morale per round
    5 +1000 morale per round

    Hades Holy Grove

    This credits back any units that die in you towns while it is activated to be credited back as stone, l think they ran out of ideas for wonders and added this just to fill space, this is not even worth reading about.

    Wonders - How to use

    The wonders that are located on the islands around Ikariam can be very helpful through to completely useless. I will give you a quick rundown on each & some of the hidden information.
    To getting a wonder working you need to 1st build a temple on the island and fill it with priests, once you start putting priest into a wonder it will start to charge up. Wonders cover all towns on the island that have a temple and that are currently active. There are 5 levels to all wonders; you will need to donate resources to the wonders to upgrade them if not previously completed.
    When you start putting in priests you will notice two percentages
    1. Conversion of own population: (%) this shows you how many people in you town you are converting
    2. Island conversion percentage: (%) this is the most important one it shows you the total conversion rating of the whole island, this will take into account all towns with a temple on island. If you want to charge wonder to level 5 you need this conversion rate to be 98%, you may have to get others on island to help raise their conversion levels.

    Basically how it works is for every 5 people on the island that have a temple; one person must be a priest. Here is the formula to use

    To get the wonder charged to level 5, you need to have 1 priest working for every 5 people in your population, example population 2000, you need 400 priests working – formula to use is-

    Population / 5 = priests required

    2000 / 5 = 400

    Now for us to get 100% charge rate all players with a temple in town need to raise their towns conversion rate to 100%.

    There are a couple good tricks you may also be able to use around using Wonders.

    1. If you can find a working wonder that is currently fully charged, you can drop a mobile on this Island, then build a temple now you have a fully charged working wonder for almost no effort

    2. During non war times find empty islands located around your main islands, build a mobile & upgrade the wonder to level 5, then when war is threatening drop a new mobile & start building up the temple as quick as you can, now if you are not in a rush just put in enough priest to raise the conversion rate to 100%, it will take about 4 days to fully charge wonder. If you are in more of a rush build a barracks and then keep upgrading the temple, after about level 3 you will run out of people to put in the temple (a level 3 temple is sufficient for 123.1% of island faith), so send in a couple hundred spearmen, then go to the barracks and the dismiss 20 spearmen at a time, they will now join the town population & you can allocate them to the temple, you can keep doing this forever, the town will say “The citizens of the town are angry” but don’t worry as long as they people are in the temple you will not lose any. Now you can get up to and beyond 500% conversion rates, the wonder charge time can get down to about 1 day. Once wonder has been fully charged, pull out the excess priest & then quickly rebuild spearmen before they leave. *** Remember that you will also need to build up your Spy hut to minimum of level 11 in a mobile to make sure you do not get spied.

    3. If you know that the enemy has a working wonder on an island that is causing you trouble, drop a full size town on the island using ambrosia & then build a level 1 temple, do not put any priest in it. Now all of your people in town count towards the conversion rate on the island. Depending on how many towns are on the island you could drop the charge rate by 50% to 20%, this can make a huge difference when it comes to Colossus & Hep forge.

    4. If you have a working wonder & the enemy drop a mobile on the island you have the ability to control the charge level of the wonder, as you have the bulk of the priests, just pull out enough priest to drop the wonder one level (1% below for level 4 this is 96%), then when you need wonder fully charge put in all your priest & the wonder should jump up within the hour. Once you activate drop the level again till you need, this way they always have a weaker wonder, this is very important for the Hep forge.

    5. Another option on a Alliance controlled island is for only one or 2 players on the island to keep it charged, then if someone else on the island wants to use all they have to do is build a temple (about 38 min), then activate, they can then delete the temple, this helps reduce the cost to the alliance as every large town requires 1 priest for every 5 people.
    You can also use mobiles for this same effect
    (But only one thing to remember is, if you go into v mode, your priest won’t work)

    6. You can reduce the cool down times of every wonder, you do this by having multiple towns that have temples of the same type, theses can all be on the same island, or on separate towns but they all must be charged. The more towns & the higher the charge the quicker the cool down. This is where mobiles can be very effective, drop mobile on your charged wonder then build temple takes about 1 hour all up & then active you have reduced cool down for almost no cost, more mobile you drop the lower the cool down
    You only need to have the extra mobile dropped & priest working just for when you activate the wonder, once activated you can delete the 2nd wonder & reuse till wonder. But remember when activating wonders always make sure you activate you highest level wonder•

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