Guide to the Ghosting Phases of the Game

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  • Guide to the Ghosting Phases of the Game

    Please read the FAQs below for more information and other exceptional situations.

    Phase 0: If no action has been taken within the 24 hours after registering an account, it will be deleted.
    Phase I: Within the first 7 days: - Time until inactive: 2 days - Time inactive until ghosting: 2 days
    Phase II: Two weeks up to a month: - Time until inactive: 7 days - Time inactive until ghosting: 4 days
    Phase III: 1 month to 3 months: - Time until inactive: 7 days - Time inactive until ghosting: 14 days
    Phase IV: from 3 months onward: - Time until inactive: 7 days - Time inactive until ghosting: 30 days

    While in the inactive phase the resource mining of all the player's town's is reduced by half.

    Once it is ghosted:

    What will remain:
    • All player informations remain intact.
    • All city buildings remain.
    • Friend list informations remain.
    • Upgrades remain.
    • Government form gets reset to ikacracy.
    • FaceBook Connect gets saved if there was any. (Removed from 30th April 2015)
    • Archive gets saved.
    • Highscores get saved.

    What is not saved:
    • Alliance information gets deleted
    • Workers, researchers and priests are removed. They become normal citizens again
    • Trade post offers get removed.
    • City Premium spots will be lost.
    • Friend list connections are removed.

    Note that account can be ghosted only if there are no running Premium features at the ghosting moment.

    FAQs for Ghosting
    - The city placements become empty, can other players take that place now?
    While in ghosting stage, the city placements become empty on island view. Other players can colonise them.

    - What happens to the city placements when the player relogs in?
    Once a player relogs, his cities will re-appear back on the island they used to be on. Should there be no room on this island(s), they will be placed on an island in the vicinity that has the same resource. Cities on premium spots will also be lost.

    - What happens to blue cap friends?
    If he had any friends on the friends list, they get restored as well as the invitation state (for example, bonus ships get reactivated if there were any).

    - Why can't you find your account that was once inactive?
    This is only valid for accounts that has been ghosted since Version 0.4.4 (03rd August 2011).

    - Who will not get their account back?
    Players who have activated the "delete my account" option in the game, and accounts deleted in the 7-day after such activation.
    Banned players with no ambrosia.
    Players getting deleted in inactivity phase 0.

    - What about my military units?
    They will be deleted (Spartans too).

    - My account is still there after 3 weeks since I put it in deletion mode. And by the way, I play on the Test Server.
    The .org Test Server has different maintenance. The deletion/ghosting stages and durations remain the same, but their actual deletion/ghosting may not be activated in the same time as in normal play Servers.
    So, if your account is still there, you may of course still re-enter into your test account after having it 'deleted' 3 weeks ago.

    - A small account just created in my island and immediately abandoned still doesn't ghost. Why?
    Because user activated some Premium features that delay ghosting of account: as soon as Premium feature expires, account will be ghosted.

    edit: .EN (org) Merge on 25th November 2014: all inactive accounts that have already ghosted before the Merge and did not participate in the Merge, have been deleted.
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