Guide to Town Relocation with Ambrosia

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  • Guide to Town Relocation with Ambrosia

    To move a town using Ambrosia, you will first need to decide which island you wish to move to. By clicking on a red flag or a premium spot, a pop up colonisation window will appear. It will inform you the relocation price, and if there are still events attached to the town, a list of event(s) will be shown.

    If you try to move to a slot on the same island, you will receive a message to inform you of this after clicking on the button

    Departure and destination location are on the same island. Are you sure that you still want the relocation to take place?

    The relocation will cost you 200 Ambrosia for an empty red-flag spot, and 400 Ambrosia for the 17th premium spot on the island.

    Relocation is not possible when:

    - There are still military units on their way in or out of this town.
    Ships from this town are still en route.
    Troops are still en route to this town.

    - There are merchant ships on the way to or away from the town. This includes merchant ships from other players who are still on the way home after trading with you but can not be seen in your military view anymore.
    Merchant ships are still en route to this town.
    Merchant ships from this town are still en route.

    - There are still troops or ships from an alliance member(s) or garrison right players(s), or occupying enemy units, stationed in your town; or you have units stationning in a foreign town that are still attached to your town.
    PlayerX's ships are still stationed in your town.
    PlayerY's troops are still stationed in your town.
    You still have ships stationed in AppleLand that can return to this town.
    You still have troops stationed in OrangeLand, that can return to this town.

    Relocation is possible:

    - when there is an ongoing construction/upgrade/in queue of a building
    - when there are troops in queue, or in construction
    - when there are ships in queue, or in construction
    - foreign units on their way out of your town, but those units will scatter immediately if they are still on their way out.
    - when there is an incoming pirate raid (the pirate raid arrival time remains the same)
    - when there is an outgoing pirate raid (the pirate raid time remains the same)

    Cross reference to: When can you move town, abandon colony or demolish pirate fortress

    Click Here FAQ: Ambrosia Town Move

    Q1. Will everything remain the same when I move my town?

    Yes, everything that concerns the town will remain intact. There will not be any infrastructure changes to your town, even workers and priests remain in their respective places.

    Q2. So does that mean that all my production-enhancing buildings (alchemist's tower, stonemason, winery and glassblower) will not change in accordance to the resource type of the island?

    I'm afraid not. If you intend to stay permanently in a particular island, for example, wine, and you have a stonemason, then you will have to tear it down as it will have no more usage.

    Q3. What about my donations to the mine and mill?

    Whatever you have donated previously will remain with the mine and mill. These donations will not move with your town.
    However, if you intend to return to that island again, you will find your donations back again.

    Note: your donation score does not change due to town move.

    Q4. It says I have troops stationning in an ally town: “You still have troops stationed in OrangeLand, that can return to this town.”, but they are 10 hours away! What can I do? I need to move my town now!

    Go to your alliance town, and click on “troops in town”. Here, you can change the returning hometown by selecting a free, unoccupied town on the town menu dropdown list. The same procedures for fleets.
    However, if you have only one town (the capital), unfortunately you will have to recall them home.

    Q5. I have military units in construction for the next 10 hours, I really don't want to cancel them and waste all my resources.

    You can still move your town. There is no need to cancel any troops or fleets still in construction or in queue.

    Q6. I have just clicked to upgrade my governor residence level 8. Can I move my town?

    Yes, you can. Any on-going constructions will not interfere with town move.

    Q7. I am at war at the moment, I know enemies have been sending in spies into my town. How can I get rid of these spies before moving my town?
    And I have also sent some spies which requires more than 3 hours for them to return home.

    Spies do not affect town move.

    However, your spies which are more than 3 hours away, may now vary according to the distance of where you relocate your town. If you happen to move it closer to where they are now situated in, then their returning home time too will shorten.

    You can also move your town while spies are still in movement. However, their voyage time will remain unchange, until they have arrived at their destination(s).

    Q8. What about the barbarian village where I have not fully completed yet?

    If you intend to move your Capital, and you still have uncompleted barbarian levels, then the village will move along with it.

    Q9. What about piracy? Why if there is an incoming pirate raid, can I move my town? And similarly, can I move it if I have pirates on their way to raid a player?

    Yes, you can. However, be aware that the pirate arrival and return time will remain the same. For example, if the pirate raid takes 10 minutes, the town moved will not affect the voyage time for the pirates.
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