Guide to Palace and first time Colonisation

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  • Guide to Palace and first time Colonisation

    What is Colonisation?

    Colonisation is the formation of new colonies/towns, and an extension of your Empire.
    When creating a new colony, it is important to bear in mind the luxury resources and the wonder/miracle present on the chosen island. Every colony has the same number of building spaces, your Research from your Academy benefits all colonies, you can build the same buildings (except the Palace and certain production enhancer buildings), and you can mine luxury goods and wood on the island.

    What do I need to found a new Colony?

    First you need to research Expansion (Seafaring). To research Expansion, you need the following researches:

    Economy: Conservation -> Pulley -> Wealth
    Seafaring: Carpentry -> Deck weapons -> Ship maintenance -> Draft -> Expansion
    Military: Dry-dock.

    Once Expansion is researched, you can build a Palace.

    Founding a Colony?

    To colonise, you need at least 3 unoccupied merchant ships, 1250 wood and 9.000 gold and 40 citizens from your capital.
    Otherwise, it will inform you that you do not have sufficient resources to do so:

    You haven't met all the requirements needed to found a colony

    You don't have enough citizens to send to your new colony. You still need 40 citizens. Attention: Workers and Scientists are not counted! Maybe you could reduce some workers or scientists, to get the amount of citizens you need?
    You don't have enough gold! You still need 450 Gold!
    You don't have enough merchant ships! You still need 3 merchant ships!!
    You don't have enough building material! You still need 428 building material!

    If you fulfill these requirements, click on "Show World" and select an island. An island has a total of 17 town spots; each island is marked with the actual number of towns on it. Once an island is selected, you can click on a free red-flag slot.

    You can also colonise on the same island as the Capital.

    Once a red flag is clicked, a popup colonisation window will appear. You can choose additional resources you want to ship, if you have enough available merchant ships. It is not mandatory to ship additional goods, but advisable.

    However, for a new town (with level 1 town hall) without any warehouse, it can only hold a maximum of 1500 of each resource. Therefore, you can send only a maximum of 1250 wood (250 is given by the Town hall); and 1500 for each of the other resource type.

    The travel time between your Capital and the spot where you wish to build a new colony is indicated in the overview of the popup when you click on a red flag.
    Therefore, you will have to wait for your ships to arrive to their destination.

    If you want to colonise on a premium spot, the colonisation is instantaneous, and this will cost you 250 Ambrosia.

    Every expansion of your Capital's Palace will allow you to found another colony. It is important to consider corruption when upgrading your palace.
    If your Capital is still under Godly Protection, founding a new colony will immediately end this protection.

    FAQs: Palace and Colonisation Guide

    Q1: Why can't I build another palace?

    You can only build one Palace, and this is only in your Capital. In your colonies, you will build the "Governor's Residence" and is important to avoid corruption. In order to control corruption or to get corruption to 0 you will need to make sure that each colony has its Residence upgraded to the same level as the number of colonies.

    Q2: Can I make one of my colonies to become a capital?

    Provided your Governor's Residence is the same or higher level as the total number of colonies in your Empire, you can make one of your colonies to become the Capital. Select the town you wish to become a Capital, go to the Governor's Residence and select “Declare this town your capital”.

    The Governor's residence will become the new Palace.
    The Palace in the old Capital will be completely destroyed and the town will turn into a colony. You will not regain any resources! The building costs will be lost, and your total score will reduce accordingly. Score will regain when you rebuild the Residence in your old capital.…fe62acec514450b376d0526fd

    Q4: My cargo ships have arrived and I can see my new town. Can I now send more resources to build the necessary buildings?

    Yes, you can now send in the resources to embellish your new colony.

    When you send more resources to this newly created town, Polis, do remember to build a warehouse first. A brand new colony can only hold up to 1500 resources of each type, building a level 1 warehouse will increase the capacity limit to 8000. Any excess reaching the town will be lost!

    Q5: I have made a mistake. I have decided to join my new alliance which is 3 islands away. Can I move this colony to that island?

    You have 3 alternatives.
    - You can give up a colony. Go into your Town hall, on the left popup you have a "Abandon colony" button. But be sure to demolish all buildings before you give up a colony (always ensuring you have sufficient capacity left in your warehouse) because you will receive some goods from it except for the Town hall.
    - If you have no wish to abandon this town, you can upgrade your Palace, and create another colony. Each expansion will allow you to set up one more colony; the hard cap for Palace is level 11.
    - You can also move your colony by using the Ambrosia feature: Guide to Town Relocation with Ambrosia

    You can give up a colony, not your Capital. The colony cannot be abandoned if there are events associated to it (troops movements, trade/cargo ship movements, foreign military units stationning in it).

    Q6: I don't like the name Polis for my towns, and yet I can see my neighbours with different names on them. How can I change them?

    Enter into your Town Hall. On the top, click on "rename".

    Any further information or comments to add, or errors found, do not hesitate to contact one of the Admins. Thank you.
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