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  • Guide to Alliance

    Embassy Creation

    The Foreign Cultures research is needed to create an Embassy…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103

    Seafaring: Carpentry -> Deck weapons -> Ship maintenance -> Draft -> Expansion -> Foreign Cultures
    Economy: Conservation -> Pulley -> Wealth
    Science: Well construction -> Paper -> Espionage
    Military: Dry-dock

    What are the purposes of an Embassy?
    - To create an alliance.
    - To join an alliance.
    - To allow trade treaties.
    - To allow garrison right treaties.

    Diplomacy Points:
    - An embassy level 1 gives you 3 diplomacy points, and for each expansion/upgrade, you get 1 extra diplomacy point. You can build an embassy in each town.
    - For creation of an alliance, you need 3 diplomacy points.
    - To enter an alliance, you need 1 diplomacy point.
    - For a trade treaty with another player, you need 2 diplomacy points to request or to accept.
    - For a garrison right treaty with another player, you must have 2 diplomacy points to accept as a host; and 11 diplomacy points if you wish to request a garrison right in a foreign town.
    - A Diplomat can request a garrison right treaty with a player's town for his whole alliance. This will cost the alliance 12 diplomacy points (the leader must have sufficient diplomacy points to transfer to the alliance), and the host town owner will require 4 diplomacy points to accept.

    Cultural Goods Treaties requests and Alliance Peace Treaties do not require any diplomacy points.

    Since you require diplomacy point(s) to join an alliance, have trade treaties, garrison rights, you cannot demolish your Embassy if you are still in an Alliance, and if you have only a single Embassy in your whole empire. You must leave, or cancel them first.

    Joining an Alliance…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103

    - You can search for an alliance by using the search engine in your Embassy. You can manually enter the name or tag; alliance points; the average points; or number of members. You can click on “Show alliance page”, and you can also “join alliance”.
    - You may be invited to join an alliance. You can click on his alliance tag to obtain more information.
    - You can go to the Highscore list to search for more information about the alliance(s). From here you can contact the Diplomat for further information or join the alliance.
    - You can also contact the Diplomat or join an alliance by going on the island view, and clicking on 'send message'.…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103

    You will need one diplomacy point, and the alliance who wish to accept you will also need a diplomacy point.
    The Home Secretary (also known as Interior Minister) can accept or reject your application. If it is rejected, you will regain your diplomacy point again.

    If you are already in an Alliance, you will need to quit first before joining another. For this you will need to go into your Embassy, and on the left, you have a “quit” button.
    Once you quit your alliance, you will not have access to alliance information anymore. But you will still retain the alliance tag for another 24 hours. This allows your alliance members to be aware of your departure, and to move their units out of your town(s) to avoid scattering.
    To join another alliance, you will need to wait a further 24 hours.
    The same occurs when you are removed from the alliance.

    Your own alliance

    You can create your own alliance once you have built an Embassy. An Embassy level 1 gives you 3 diplomacy points, and for each expansion, you get 1 extra diplomacy point. Every player you accept into your alliance requires a diplomacy point from your (the leader's) account.
    In order to accept, you must “transfer diplomacy points” into the Embassy.

    You can have an Embassy per town. So, for example, if you have two level 1 embassies in 2 towns, you will have 6 diplomacy points; or if you have one level 1 and one level 3 embassies, that would give you 8 diplomacy points.

    If you decide to disband your alliance, there is a waiting time of 24 hours before it is totally dissolved. All players are informed via the Mayor Town News concerning this action.

    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • What rights can a player have in an Alliance?

    Rights in the Embassy view:
    This will depend on what rights have been attributed to you by the Home Secretary.
    The following rights are available to players, and they are attributed at alliance leadership's discretion:
    - To write messages to alliance (also known as circulars).
    - To view online status.…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103
    - To see town lists belonging to alliance members.
    - To promote or demote members.
    - To throw members out of the alliance.
    - To see alliance treaties made with other alliances.

    Rights in the Alliance Forum:
    Every alliance has its own forum in the Diplomacy Advisor. Again, upon leadership discretion, players may be attributed certain rights to see this forum.
    The following Forum rights are available:
    - To read only (allows reading other players' messages)
    - To read and write (allows reading, and to create new threads and posts).
    - To moderate (in addition to the above, to allow editing and deleting of threads and posts, and to mark threads as important).
    - To administrate (allows full powers to the alliance forum, which includes creating, editing and deleting of subforums).…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103

    Alliance Chat:
    This is found on the top of your friends list bar. Click on the "bubble" icon…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103. Here you can talk in real time with other players, if they are also logged into the Chat at the same time.…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103


    When you create an Alliance, you will be holding all 4 leadership position: Leader, Diplomat, Home Secretary and General.
    When you have members in your alliance, you can attribute such positions to them. Each position has its own responsibilities.…2bb53b7f28ad6375de3086103

    - He can edit alliance name and tag.
    - He can assign important posts to players (Diplomat, Home Secretary and General).
    - He can also appoint a new leader, provided the player has sufficient diplomat points to assume the leadership.
    - He can disband the alliance.
    - A leader with alliance members receives a small amount of resources once a day from the gods. He receives 48 wood, and 12 of each of the other resources, per member. These are added automatically into his Capital city.

    Home Secretary/Interior Minister:
    - He is responsible for the admission of new members and dismissals of members from the alliance.
    - He can see the resources of all members.
    - He can edit ranks, giving members their rights (see above for members' rights).
    - He can edit internal alliance page, viewable only to alliance members.

    - He can see all military units belonging to the members.
    - He can see incoming attacks on members' towns; and members' attacks on enemies; and members movements towards ally towns.
    - He can withdraw members' en route military units. Alliance members will be notified in the Mayor Town News.

    - He can edit the external alliance page, which is viewable to all players on the server/world.
    - He manages alliance treaties/agreements with other alliances (also known as Peace treaties).
    - He can see alliance partners of all members.
    - He receives messages from others players sent to the Alliance.

    You'll Never Walk Alone