Hey guys, its Larry

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  • Hey guys, its Larry

    Hi there, its me, Larry.

    It has been fun playing with you. Thanks for not going after me; i was afraid that you would if you knew my real identity, being a smod and all ;) Some of you probable knew or had your suspisions, but i think i have been able to keep it quiet for most.

    I stopped smodding aswell, and its time for me to move on. It was a fun game, and i have achieved my goal in Ny. I have been playing it fair, without donationbuddies, and i am a little proud to have come so far. I have not been surpassed in resourcegathering through mines in all servers, and now i will give you the chance to do so.

    I let my account be on vacation for awhile. I am not sure what i will do with it; we'll see. Thanks guys for playing this great game, and i hope you all the best.

    Best regards

    Dutch aka Larry.

    This is me talking with my sMOD-voice.
    If you believe my voice to be in error, please contact me by PM.