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  • General Fan-Art Rules Fan-Art Rules

    The Board Rules apply here like they do everywhere else. So before posting make sure you are familiar with the general Board rules.

    1. General Fan-Art rules
    2. Galleries
    3. Signature Shops
      1. Shop Front
      2. Optional
      3. Giving Credit
      4. Signatures
    4. Tutorials and Questions
    5. Ratings
    6. Requests
      1. Rules for requests
      2. Regarding Size Limits in Giveaways and Requests
    7. Competitions
      1. Signature of the Week
      2. Battle System

    1. General Fan-Art rules

    • Post containing less then the required three words will be tolerated in the "Rate the avatar and signature above you" threads. We still encourage you to post constructive feedback.
    • Please respect all work submitted here. All users try their best to create art.
    • Signatures must conform to the content rules (4 – 13), should not affect the readability of the board and any images within a signature must comply with the following image restrictions:
      • A file size no greater than 80kB.
      • A maximum height of 150px and maximum width of 500px.
    • Ripping is not allowed. The term ripping on this forum applies to (but is not limited to):
      • Claiming a signature is yours, when you've only removed possible watermarks and edited a name in.
      • Claiming you've created a signature whilts you've copied a original signature without changing anything.
    • The following is not considered ripping:
      • Using the final result of a tutorial.
      • Using the render in the same way as another person with a different outcome.
    • Be sure to give credit to the people if you've used their brushes, renders, etc. when they ask to.
    • A moderator has the right to remove any of the created work with, or without reason.

    2. Galleries

    This is a place for artists to display their work. Note that only the OP can post, so no comments can be made. If a rating is what you are after, please post your work in the Ratings section.
    • Every post made here must contain at least 1 signature.
    • Only the OP can post in their respective Gallery.
    • Only one Gallery per person.
    • Galleries need to be approved by the section moderator.

    3. Signature Shops

    The shop has to be approved by a moderator before its shown to the public. Please read the rules twice before submitting. Also if you want to change the look of your shop. Send a PM to one of the FA moderators.

    3.1. Shop Front:

    The shop front should represent your signature shop. You could include the following:
    • Shop Logo: It could contain your name/shop name and/or an image.
    • Featured Signature: This signature has to fit the size requirement. You should choose your best work. This will be a great presentation for your shop!
    • Example Signatures: These signature have to fit the size requirements*. You are allowed to have from 3-5 of these. They are here, to represent your style so choose wisely.
    • Brief Description about yourself.

    *Maximum size of Example Signatures is 500x150 and 100kB.

    3.2. Optional:

    • Request Form: This is a guide on how to request signatures from you.
    • Waiting List: If you happen to have a waiting list, you can post it here.

    3.3. Giving Credit:

    • You should give credit to the artist if you use the signature. There are many ways:
      * Thank you ARTISTS_NAME
      * Thx ARTISTS_NAME
      * Good job ARTISTS_NAME
      * Made by ARTISTS_NAME
    • If the artist demands a special credit (i.e. a link) you have to follow the demand.

    3.4. Signatures:

    There are two types of signatures:
    • Custom Requests: Only the person for which the signature was made, may also use it.
    • Free For All: These signatures can be used by everyone as long as they credit the artist (look above). If you want to edit one of these (i.e. add your name) you need premission from the artist.

    4. Tutorials and Questions

    • You have to be the autor of the tutorial you post or you need a written permission of the autor to post his tutorial. This counts also for .psd packs, renders, stocks.
    • When you open a thread, you have to put a short description about the tutorial you post.
      Vector sig tutorial - good title
      "My first tut!!! - bad title
    • Post your tutorials like thumbnails or links.
    • You are allowed to post your outcomes and comment the tutorial, but spam is not allowed.
    • When you have a question, please desribe your problem in the topic title.
      Problem with displace - good title
      HEEEEEELP!!! - bad title

    5. Ratings

    • Once again please respect all work created by the users.
    • Its not allowed to accuse someone of ripping in public. If you think the work is a rip contact a moderator or Fan-Art helper.
    • Please rate the created work with comments.
    • When you rate, you can do this with notes. For example 6/10. But don't rate only with notes. Add a comment so the sigmaker knows what you like and what not.
    • Your art works that are bigger then 500*500px and 150kb please post like thumbnails or links.

    6. Requests

    • Requests are welcome, but it does not mean that you will get a response or a banner; no one works here - we do this of our own free will.
    • Please only file a request if you're registered on the boards for 1.5+ months.
    • For requests please use the following template:
      [dimensions] - if you want a specific dimension for your sig
      [picture/render] - link to the pic you want in your sig
      [colors] - background, letters
      [font] - if you want a special font
      [text] - all you want to be written on your sig
      [style] - grunge/smudge etc.
      [animation] - what kind of animation you want, if you want one
    • Try to find the picture you want, so the sigmaker knows what you want.
    • You can refresh your request once in 24 hours.
    • Please use the right prefix when you open a request.
    • All users are allowed to post a request, and all are allowed to make and post a requested sig.
    • Spaming the topics is not allowed.
    • It is forbidden to post sigs that was made by someone else. That is a rip and will be punished.

    6.1. Rules for requests:

    • Format the title like: "Request: Red Dragon Banner" - do not simply post "help" or "signature", your request may get lost, or even removed.
    • Be polite! You will get a better response.
    • Use proper grammar. You will get a better response.
    • Be descriptive, so that we can tailor more to your specific wants and produce a superior poduct.
    • 'Cool' is not descriptive. Any thread using 'cool' as a main means of description will be closed.
    • If you want pictures, please find them yourself. But:
      • Do not steal badwidth, only post pictures from your own site or an image hosting site, otherwise just provide a URL.
      • Follow the Request Template seen above.
    • Anyone posting a request thread which does not follow the Request Template may have their thread removed. We don't want to encourage rulebreaking. This may also result in a warning.
    • Do not post in a request thread unless you are asking for clarification, or are submitting a sig/banner/avatar/logo/modification. Any other post will be given a warning for spam (because that's what it would be.)
    • One exception to this is if you post to say that you will attempt their request. If you do say this, please out of politeness do attempt it; dashing people's hopes is not nice.
    • If a user has posted a thread without the template, let a Moderator tell them please. If you really must tell the person, make sure no-one else has already told them. Seriously, they only need to be told once.
    • A request thread will be closed when the author is satisfied, please make sure to tell a Fan Art Moderator when it is okay to close the thread.

    6.2. Regarding Size Limits in Giveaways and Requests:

    This is directed at the sig makers out there:
    • Please, when you give away sigs, either by giveways or in reply to a Request, keep to the size limits (seen underneath).
    • Remember, the people to whom you're giving sigs often do not know any way to resize the sigs themselves.
    • You will be given a warning if you give away sigs that exceed the board rules size limits.

    7. Competitions

    • Maximum size of signatures used in any competition is:
      • File size no greater than 100kB
      • 200x400px OR 150x500px

    7.1. Signature of the Week

    • Each week, on Sunday, a new sticky thread will be made in this forum for you to enter your sig for the SotW competition. In that thread will be guides on the theme and a general description of what to do.
    • You will have 7 days to enter your sig before the voting begins, which will last a week aswell.
    • Then a voting thread will be created with a poll for all members of the Fan Art to vote on. The thread will contain all the entries and names of the creators in order of when they entered.
    • The winning signatures will be shown in the museum of art, hosted on a account owned by the IkariamOrg team. Please send us a PM if you have a problem with this, and we shall remove it.
    • There will be different themes each week, but along with that the usual rules for signatures on the forum apply, for example no pornography, and the relevant sizes.
    • Note: The sigs have to be made during the week entered.

    Good luck with the contest, and if anyone has any questions about the contest, pleae contact one of the Fan-Art Helpers, or moderators.

    7.2. Battle System Rules

    • Use Battle when you want to set up a battle with the following template:
      [Style] if specific please specify
      [Render] If a specific render is to be used put link here
    • Make the thread title your name so will read:
      Battle: 'Your Name'
    • The first person to reply to the Battle thread meeting all the requred fields accepts the challenge.
    • If you want to challenge a certain person on the other hand, make the thread title as such:
      Battle: 'Your Name' v 'Name of Challenged'
    • Then the thread starter starts a new thread with the prefix vote using the following template:
      'Your name'
      [Your sig]

      'Oppenents name'
      [Oppenents sig]

      First to x votes ( you can change x)
    • If number of votes needed is not specified then the default is 6 votes. The number of votes needed can not be decided/changed during the voting.
    • Everyone is welcome to vote
    • When voting try and give a reason why you chose the sig - but this isn't essential.
    • You can not use the same sig more than twice in a battle.
    • If you want to use a poll to vote, you can contact a Fan-Art helper to include a poll in the vote thread.

  • [lect]As of today the Fan-Art rules have been changed. From now on its tolerated to post less then three words in the " Rate the avatar and signature above you" threads. The changed rule is as follow;
    • Post containing less then the required three words will be tolerated in the "Rate the avatar and signature above you" threads. We still encourage you to post constructive feedback.

    Please keep in mind that post hunting still isn't allowed, people doing so will of course receive a warning.

    Much love,

    Your favourite Fan Art Mods.

    ~Lect and Lilaa
  • * If the participant vote for itself he/she will be disqualified from the competition
    * If a user already has a victory in SOTW the second ranked signature will be put forward for SotM.
    In the week of SotM voting, there will be no SotW.

    *Signature for competition must be new on this - board. If you put it on some other board before does not matter. What is important - sig that is in competition is never before posted on this - board