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    Board Guide For


    All informations you need to know and how to use board.

    Simply below in drop down menu chose topic you're interested in and press read next to it to jump to the topic. Or simply scroll down the guide to check all posts.



  • ____|How to register on Forum?|____

    When you open board if you are not logged in or do not have account, please do register or login if you already have account.

    You will see above Ikariam logo tabs Login or Register. Or you can see it (when you click Portal tab) on left side Login and Register as shown of picture. Or simply Click here.

    After you have clicked on "register" it will lead you "Terms of use".

    Please do read Terms of use, after you read it click on small box "I have read the terms of use and accept them" and click accept.

    After you have acepted terms of use you will have to fill the informations you're asked.

    Username - Write here your desired nickname; the nickname has to be at least 3 and at most 25 lettter long.
    E-mail address - Enter your e-mail address.
    Password - Your password should contain at least 8 characters and small letters and capital letters.
    Security code - Enter the letters that are shown in the picture below (without spaces, and upper or lower case can be used). If you cannot identify the captcha even after reloading it please contact the administrator of this site.

    If there's mistake somewhere or username is being used you will have to repeat all over (you will see text in red what's not correct)

    After you have successfully registered you should get an e-mail from: (as the e-mail says please do not reply on it).

    The title of the e-mail should be "Enable your registration at" (as shown above on picture). If you can't find this e-mail, please do check the junk or anywhere on your e-mail before sending a ticket.

    E-mail should look like this:

    In there you will see "click on link to finish registration". If the link above doesn't work you will see link bellow. Click on second link and it will open new page and you will be asked Used ID and 9-digit activation code. Which is on your e-mail.

    After you did all of it, you have successfully finished registrating and activating your account.

    ____|Logging in your account|____

    On the board next to Registration you will see Login; after clicking it once this will open:

    Write on first your username on second your password. Remember me is something if you don't want to keep logging aka writing your username and password. Also if you click twice on Login. It will lead you on login page.

    There not only you have login but as well if you have forgot your password and if you didn't activated your account. If you forgot password click on the "lost password" and it will forward you here;

    You have to fill only one information, which is; either username or e-mail (that you're using on board).

    Then click submit and you will get new e-mail with details.
  • ___|Board profile|___

    You will find this above the board tabs. It will write "Welcome your username." Clicking on your username (which is in my case "lilaaa"), will lead you to your profile page. In there you will see many different things.

    Under your name you will see "custom user title". Which can be changed, of course not every 10 days nor each month. And only can be changed by a SMOD or BA. Under it should be user rank. Mine is...well moderator. You can see then here depends how much posts you have. The more you have your user rank gets changed. Your avatar picture which is shown on for everybody. And how much friends you got.

    There as well is about me part, your signature (you may hide it) and personal information which can be changed in settings (is explained in posts bellow)

    Here you will see last threads where you posted. Note: some sections have post count turned off such as are social corner. Means not all posts you post count in it

    Under it you can see guestbook! Guestbook is where visitors may write you something (or you to yourself). You will be able reply on it, delete it or add your own entry.

    On the right side of your profile you will see;
    E-mail: on which board account is registered.
    Date of registration: date when you registered on board.
    Activity points: Activity points show how much active you are every day.
    Profile hits: This basically shows how much profile visits you have ever since you made account.
    Browsing: What you are (or somebody is) looking at the moment.
    Posts: How much posts do you have or how much your posting.
    Visitors: Last 5 visitors that have visited you.

    Now lets see more about guestbook. Down on left side should be Add new entry (if person already doesn't have entry above you will see tabs Profile, Friends, Guestbook click on Guestbook and then add new entry). As shown on picture.

    After you clicked on that it will lead you to page where you can write text (same one as you make new post). I'll try spamming myself.

    Then click submit and it will show you this.

    Now we will reply on it. Simply click reply button and same as you created will open apart that you will be able to see what was written.

    Now this is how entry and reply on it look. (First is entry and second is reply, reply doesn't show on Profile, only when you click on Guestbook)

  • ___|Editing your profile|___

    Now we will see what can we edit and which settings do we have on board. Above in tabs click on Edit profile or simply Click here


    In profile part you can edit mostly part about your board profile. In there you can see tabs (for which each will be explained bellow):
    - Personal Details
    - User account
    - Avatar
    - Signature
    - User memo

    Personal details;

    There you can change lots of things which are shown in profile such as;
    -About me(here you can write some stuff about yourself, anything you find interesting),
    -Personal information(Here you can change your b-day, Gender, Location, Occupation and Hobbies),
    -Contact options(Here you may write your personal website(if you own one) or G-ID ( ID),
    -Instant messenger(ICQ or Skype nickname)

    User account

    Here you may change your password or e-mail address. Please do be careful with it.


    Here you can change your avatar picture! Note: Own avatars can have the file extensions gif, jpg, jpeg und png and a maximum size of 150*150 pixels and 80 kB. Bigger avatars will be automatically shrinked to fit maximum size.


    As the name says, edit your signature here. Signatures are shown under your post. Also you can preview how it will look like simply by pressing preview.

    User memo

    Here you can add memo! Means anything that you need to remember (really useful to me). On the left side you can add folders in which memo goes.

    Pressing small button next to it will make you have folder. Which will look like this:

    Then on right side you can add memo. It will ask you on which folder (if you had any) will be memo in. Then subject and text.

    After you submitted it it will be shown on left side where folders are.


    In settings you can edit your own settings for some things on board. In there you can see following tabs:
    - General
    - Privacy
    - Communication
    - Display settings
    - Absence
    - Portal


    As it says your own (or doesn't need to be) date and time.


    Here you can change the following;
    Visibility: Are you visible for other users or only for friends. You can be "invisible" on board.
    Hide e-mail address: Hide your e-mail address from your profile.
    Profile only visible for friends: Will your profile only be visible for friends or for everybody.
    Allow friendship offerings: Will other users be able to add you as friend.
    Show friend list in the profile: In your profile will friends be visible for everyone.
    Disallow tracking: Disallows tracking.


    Here you can change;
    Enable reception of private messages: If this option is enabled other users can send you private messages.
    Receive private messages only from friends: Only friends can send you private messages if this option is enabled.
    E-mail notification on new private message: E-mails you when there's new private message.
    Show info box on new private messages: Shows info box when there's new private message.
    E-mails from members: If this is enabled other users can send you e-mail.
    Receive e-mails only from friends: If you enable this option only friends can send you e-mails.
    E-mails from administrators: If this option is enabled admins can send you e-mail.
    Enable subscription by default?: If this option is enabled next time you post a new thread or reply somewhere that thread will automatically be putted in your favorites.
    E-mail notification on new post in favourites: If this is enabled each time there's new post in your favorite thread you will get e-mail notification.
    Show my guestbook: Show guestbook to other users.
    Enable posting in my guestbook: Enabled posting in your guestbook.

    Display settings

    Here you can change;
    Individual style: This is basically which theme do you wish to be on forum. We here have two themes.
    Show other members' avatars: If you enable this option, you will be able to see other user's avatars .
    Show other members' signatures: If you enable this option, you will be able to see other user's personal signatures.
    Number of private messages per page: Number of private messages to be displayed on one page.
    Posts per page: Number of posts displayed on each page.
    Threads per page: Number of threads displayed on one page.
    Time filter for threads: Specify the time threads should be displayed within the forums.


    Here you activate absence mode and put reason for it.


    Change settings of portal.


    Here you can change/see:
    - Login attempts
    - Subscriptions (Favorites)
    - Forums on / off
    - Friends
    - Ignored users
    - Attachment

    Login attempts

    Here you can see your login attempts log.


    Favorite threads.

    Forums on/off

    Here you can hide sections on board simply by unchecking box section. When you want to see it again just click on box.


    Here you can add new person or delete one, or empty whole list.

    Ignored users

    Simply type name of person you want to ignore. In my example I will ignore test user. So I'll write test and press enter.

    It will be shown same as friends.

    Now I'll delete it pressing x next to test's name and pop up will ask you do you want to really delete it.

    Press ok and test user won't be on your ignore list anymore.


    Adds attachment.

    User groups

    Here you can apply in user group. (Which here is fan art helpers) so if you wish to apply simply press apply to usergroup.

    This was what all you could edit on your profile. If you need any help or don't understand something you can ask any Moderator thro pm.
  • ____|Private Messages|____

    Sending private messages on board isn't complicated. But here's example how you can send private message. In my example I will send private message to Antikythera. First I'll go on her profile. There in right corner will be send private message (unless user put that no one can send Private messages).

    Also if you're in some thread and you see persons post you can click on small letter to send private message.

    Then fill what's needed.

    After you have sent it, page will lead you to your inbox.

    On left side click on "outbox" to see message you sent.

    When user you sent message to didn't read your message it will be shown in bold letters.

    After your message was checked it will be normal.

    Now that was about sending message. If you get private message from somebody you will see this.

    Info box will be shown and above where tabs are will be Private message (1) (or depending how much unread messages you have. To see the new message you got simply click on message subject in which this case is "test" and message will be shown.

    If you wish to reply on it click reply button at the end of corner.

    To delete messages you don't want check small boxes that are before message so that they are selected and under will be "One message selected" or how many you have selected click on it and press delete.

  • ____|Portal|____

    On portal is the first thing you see as new user there you can check many things such as;

    On the left side:
    - Control Panel will show you; logout, edit profile, Private messages, Favorites)
    - New Member; new members of forum
    - Statistic of the board

    - Last important news
    - Last post

    Right side:
    - Social media
    - Birthdays
    - My buddies

    At the end:
    - Newest posts on forum; will show you 5 last posts


    Forum is place where everything is, from game to spam etc. Below here you can see for what is each section about.

    Game news - In here will be posted all news and changes about game.
    Community & Board news - In here will be posted all news about community and board news.

    Help and Questions - Any question about have about in-game can be asked here.
    Game Discussion - This section is for discussion anything related to Ikariam.
    Game Suggestions - For every suggestion that you have you can post here however please do read Guide to Suggestions
    Game Bugs - Bug section is for reporting all bugs found on the game.
    Account Giveaway - If you have account to gift or look for free account you can check in here.
    Guides - All guides about game, board and IRC.

    General Discussion - Any discussion not related to Ikariam can be posted here.
    Board Discussion - Any discussion or if you have question related to board can be posted here.
    Social Corner - Spam part.

    Fan Art - All related to art can be found here from signatures to avatars.
    Competitions - Everything related to competitions.

    The worlds - All informations for each server can be found in these sections from wars to discussions.
  • ____|Members|____

    In here are all members of forum.

    However if you wish to search for certain user click on search; on my example I'll try to find "plumbum" I'll simply type his name and then press submit.

    If there's user that you were searching for this will be shown. Simply click on users name at it will lead you to his user profile. ^^

 team members starting from CoMa, you can see who is on team. Game team, Board team, Bug helper or Fan Art helpers.


    Warnings or suspensions given on board.


    It leads you on irc. Where you can talk/contact either friend or team member. official channel is


    Leads you to support page.


    Leads you to GameForge site.


    At the end of tab you can see search if you click on it you will see as it's shown above.

    If you click on Advanced Search it will open like this;

    Anything you need to search in there just fill and press submit and search will show you what you were looking for.
  • ____|Threads and posting|____

    As you have seen/ or not some threads are marked as "important" and are always first to see in any section. Some of them are marked as announced or sticky. While normal posts have paper icon.

    In normal thread you can usually post. Right now I'll explain how to post in thread.

    When you open thread at the bottom should be lasts post in that thread. Firstly I'll show you how to use "Quick reply"

    When you click on it there will open small box in which you can write what ever you want after you finished text submit it and you will post like normal reply. How ever you can also click "Use full editor" for more options to use, which is same as when you click reply. In my example I'll click on it.

    After I clicked it new page will open and will looks like this.

    Above of it you can change font, font size, bold text or italic, underline it or strike through, put align left, center, right or justify. Put unordered list or ordered. Change color of font undo or redo, insert link or remove it, put picture, quote or quotation. Insert code, php source code, mySQL queries or spoiler.
    And in box you can write the text you wish to write. Under box you will always first see smileys. Next to it is settings under each is explanation what it does.

    Next to it are attachments.

    After you have done all you wanted, submit your post and it will be like this.

    In corner of each post will be report button which is for reporting posts (only report post that you think that's not good) report button isn't for play. Next to it is quote which is to quote post (if you want to reply to that person of simply copy that post) and last icon arrow showing up is to go to the top of page.

    Now lets try quoting somebody.

    When you click on quote you will see these options, I will click on quote message directly and new post will be open for me all I will need to do is submit. Quoted posts are shown like this.