New Ikariam project: LEAN

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Your Ikariam Team

  • New Ikariam project: LEAN

    Dear players,

    today, we would like to inform about an internal change in our Ikariam Product Team, the LEAN project.
    • What is this all about?
      One of our developers has been taken out of the daily work on the new versions and it is now taking care of small features or fixes that are quick to code and may be installed on server between big versions.

    • Why this change?
      We want to be flexible and want to be able to react to special wishes, which may come from inside our product team but also may be useful ideas coming from players.

    • So this is starting now?
      No, it has already been running for a few weeks, and a few LEAN projects are already online:
      • the downloadable JavaScript-Files
      • a big bunch of bugfixes
      • some changes / new stuff:
        • Blocked ports are now shown with animated ships in harbour. A click on those ships will lead to the "Troops in Town" screen, "Ships" tab.
        • In the builder's overview, there is now an additional "All resources" tab.
        • Research advisor updated (links are now leading to correct topic in ingame help)

    • What is coming next?
      On Thursday, we are going to update all server with the newest LEAN feature, all highscores available for players will also be available for alliances.

    In this thread, we will keep you updated, what other new LEAN stuff is installed on the game servers. Those changes won't get an own version number, since it's most of the time only small changes to the game.

    Your Ikariam Product Team
  • Lean-Update: New espionage missions and some fixes

    • Feature: 5 new espionage missions
      • Spy out military production: Your spies will tell you about your opponent's unit construction queues
      • Spy out alliance office: Your spies will report your opponent's rank or post within his alliance
      • Spy out form of government: Your spies will tell you about the government form of your opponent
      • Spy out inventions: Your spies will report about the inventions for your opponent's units. No matter if there is a workshop in target town
      • Spy out colonies: Your spies will report about your opponent's cities and where they are. They even tell you about colonies still on their way.

    • Modification: Options to mark "all read" and "all unread" espionage reports was removed in Archive
    • Bugfix: If you downgraded your hideout while all spies were on their way there were cases when all spies were deleted
    • Bugfix: In case there are spies stationed in an inactive town to be deleted those spies will not get deleted but they will be sent home again
    • Bugfix: If you "spy out garrison" all units stationed there with garrison rights will now be displayed as such
    • Bugfix: If you "spy out garrison" of a town with occupied port all ships will now be sorted correctly
    • Bugfix: A display error was removed if you "Send out" more spies to towns where you already have spies
    • Bugfix: Some display errors in Hideout and during espionage missions were removed
    • Bugfix: If you change town in city dropdown while you are already on transport screens you'll now stay in transport screen
    • Bugfix: If you change town in city dropdown with an open highscore view and click on highscore again, you'll stay in new town.

    This update is already online on the test server (test_en).

    Your Team