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  • Member of the Month Rules

    Member of the Month Rules

    The member of the month is an individual chosen by their peers in the social corner. This person receives a special user title and rank of MOTM until the next voting occurs.

    Voting threads opens up on the 27th of every month (25th in February). Here, you can nominate or vote for any nomination until Noon game time the last day of the month. Then a mod will tally up the votes and declare who is the winner. It is up to the voter/nominator to make sure their nomination is eligible. If a nomination is declared ineligible, a mod will note that and why.

    To become member of the month, someone else will need to nominate you. This nomination automatically counts as a vote for you.

    1. Nominations needs to be active in the Social Corner board (30 posts over the previous month)
    2. Nominations can not have recently been the member of the month. They can not be member of the month within the past five (5) months, i.e. If a person was MOTM for Janurary, the can be MOTM again in July.
    3. Nominations can not be part of the game/board staff (This limits GOs, Mods and Admins from becoming motm)
    4. Voters need to be semi-active in the Social Corner (10 posts over the previous month)
    5. Voters can vote for themselves. They just can't nominate themselves.
    6. Once you vote, you can not change your vote. Even if the person you voted for turns out to not be eligible.
    If there's any questions, you can ask in the discussion thread.

    En.Ikariam.Com Board Team