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    • I guess this would be better place for this not in MOTM nomination thread.

      nemenku wrote:

      I will correct you. You are wrong.

      I am Member of the Month for December. That was partly based on my activity during November.
      The next Member of the Month will be during January. Partly based on activity during December.
      The purported Member for the year would be during 2019. Based on activity during 2018.

      Another way to think of it. For the very first month of Ikariam, there was no Member of the Month. It took a month of activity, and then a Member of the Month could be activated for the following month, based on the prior month's activity. It seems like you are advocating granting Member of the Month status based on the two month prior activity.

      This is sort of relevant here, except you seem to be trying to make it even worse:
      "There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors."
      At some point soon, I'll decide you're just trolling the board, and bail out of this discussion.

      If this is true how MOTM nomination works, then I apologize about my statements what are wrong.
      It's just for my understanding feel strange, that I could became MOTM for January at the end of December. I could understand that at the end of December I would became MOTM for December and I would carry this title for the rest of the January as Decembers MOTM, till next MOTM would be nominated at the end of January as January's MOTM.

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