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    • Friend Invitations

      Greetings islanders! :)

      In this thread you can post friend invitation links. You can also include any additional information about your location (like coordinates, general information about the area etc).

      Posts not related to friend invitations will be considered as spam.
    • Boat buddy Invitation for World Rho

      Hello guys and gals, this is Kretos from world Rho..

      I would like to invite members who wants to join world Rho..

      If you are interested to play in world Rho and willing to start from scratch.. I can help.. I will send you a link so you can start near me.. and I will help you gain 5 towns.. after that you are on your own..

      If you are interested.. please message me here in the forum and I will reply you in maximum 72 hours (generally within 24 hours).

      If you want to learn the game, I can help you.. If you want to have a nice fighting alliance I can help you. If you want to learn the battle system, I can help you.

      Just talk to me and I will give you a detailed overview and answer all your questions.


      EDIT- Moved from Game Discussion to here - Friends Invite - Have sent PM advising to possibly advertise in signature- Hera

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    • I just started playing on Rho!

      Why I started so late in the servers life?.. Well, I've no clue!
      Hopefully I can play a little without getting attack by you big fellas 24/7!
      Still have all my friend spots open: SjefSlet is my ingame name :)
    • id like to start playing for very first yime on EN server, playing ika ever since 2012 on RS servers, manly i like to deal with navy but land is not problem as well, if anyone want a freshcomer pm me a inv link, all good, see you in shallow waters :p