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  • General Information:
    I am suggesting for a future server to be x4 speed
    What are you suggesting? What x4 speed does is that everything in game happens four times faster.. Maybe x2 would be better but basically your fleet transport is cut in half, building time is cut in half, building time, cut in half( or 1/4). Basically everything will go x times faster
    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    Suggestion Reason: Other gameforge games have this and I think it would be cool for a future server ( like maybe its a year or something) that could have this. Maybe they could try it with a testserver I just think its something worth looking into.

    Why are you suggesting this? What will it solve/make easier? Think carefully about this one, most suggestions will get heavy critical feedback. Make sure you give a detailed reason and your suggestion solves the issue that you think there is.


    Do you have a picture/render/screenshot of what it might look like? A visual aide always helps an idea come to life.

    Special Notes:

    Anything else you want to add.
  • [rmpa]DENIED

    This would change the game totally and with or without your suggestion, GF will or not make this game faster.
    Therefore, I dont see any point of holding this suggestion open here.

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