Ability to block communication

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  • Ability to block communication

    Ability to Block Communication

    Have an option available to block incoming messages from certain players
    Create a more positive environment

    Due to ill-mannered players

    I have been continually harassed through personal messages. None of them contain enough to report, but as a whole they constitute verbal abuse. I would like the option to block communication from these individuals.

    To prevent the abuse of this option it would have to block communication both ways.

    I hope you strongly consider this option.

    Thank you
  • B8s it is not that he blocks every ones messages, its for people who harras him, he can block them like you would on face book... only this time you can still see them and attack them... i also doubt that many diplo will be bothered to message this poor unfortunate fellow before declaring war, in fact i think he has been in an undeclared war since he started so...

    voted yes

    Awesome work by empty!! :thumbsup:

    Basically.... I like Big Boats and i cannot lie....
  • At the end of the day, you could just ignore the person by deleting their messages without responding (I don't think many players would send 100 messages just to annoy someone who is not responding, especially with the 5 minute rule). But I still voted yes, it would be a useful feature for that one-in-a-million annoying player who can't shut up.

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  • Wonder how many no votes there`s gonna be ?
    Quiet a few......... I just put it in a circular to KLICK
    come on Rommel......you know you`d miss all the attention from us :love: :love: :love:
  • I vote no. Rommel if you don't want to read my messages then just delete them but we know you can't stand not reading what I have to say to you. Like I said just delete the certain players you don't want to speak too.

    Rommel, I will always read your pm's buddy.
  • Just a few ideas

    How about if the game allows players to block the text from the other player's messages but be allowed see if someone send them something? You can then see if the person is still bothering you. These notification messages can be accessed from a separate tab from the inbox otherwise you would still get spammed by notification messages.

    And to prevent the abuse of the blocking by unblocking, spamming and re-blocking, both players have to confirm it when the block can be lifted and another block cannot be placed for another few hours like 12h or 24h.