What is the meaning of your username?

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    • What is the meaning of your username?

      Why did you chose your username, and what does it mean?
      My two are as follows
      venividivici: I come I see I conquer, in latin quoted from Julius Ceasar!
      VVVSulla: Stands for Veni Vidi Vici Sulla, Sulla was the first real dictator of rome, who seized control of rome from Marius (His fellow Consul)and Proclaimed himself Dictator for life! :D (Which wasn't long he was poisoned shortly after) ;(
    • Well the truth is. I have no clue :)
      When I was a kid I saw someone with the username
      and someone else with the name

      So I made..
    • My nick was given to me at a small age, when I won a fight in grade school against another kid. Ever since I changed it some times, but then I ended up with this again and now a lot of people are calling me this.
    • my username is Pheonixking929, the Pheonixking comes from a show called avatar from the last season when this bad guy was crowned "Pheonix King". the show was one of my favorite shows, and i created an ogame account but adding the 929 at the end of it to i guess make it more original. i consider myself king of my ogame empire and no matter how many times im destroyed, i'll always be reborn(like a phoenix).
    • Well, I wanted to use the name Poseidon in another game, but I was frustrated to find that someone else had already taken that. Therefore, I experimented a bit, and came up with the masterclass of exquisite brilliance that you can find above my rank...
    • Nice, I will share a story of my friends fyukfy's username. I am collecting the meaning of usernames in-game to post here!

      Well you might think it means Fredrick Yavner U.K. Fredrick Yavner or some name and U.K. or something, but No. It also doesn't mean [glen]-snip-[/glen].

      It actually is he just hit the keyboard randomly a few times! Lol!

      I hope I am not reported for the [glen]-snip-[/glen] Part! Lol

      [glen]Verbal warning for swearing/censor bypass. Starring out letters does not satisfy the no swearing rule.
    • Rain Maker.... hmmm.
      I do not actually like rain much. But know that the world needs it XD

      So this is how I got my name. When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer.
      So I read a book call The RainMaker. Thought the book was awesome.
      So change my name to that XD

      Here is the dictionary definition

      1. A person who attempts to cause rain to fall, either by rituals or by a scientific technique such as seeding clouds with crystals.
      2. A person who is highly successful, esp. in business.

      I like the second definition the best.
      Embrace your inner demons.
    • Many, many years ago I used to play a racing management game where, you guessed it, I was known as Quicksilver Racing and a member of F1United - some of whom are also playing on Ika, Now despite no longer playing that racing game and having played many others I have been known as Quicksilver Racing on all of them.

      Why change something when it's fine as it is ;)
    • Well, Lord Hades.

      Hades has always been one of my favourite Greek gods and in the Percy Jackson books all gods are usually referred to as 'Lord ____'. So I tried that out and I'm in love with the name now.
      Beta - Leader of the Great Alliance LAW (formerly of Gamma)
    • It's an old nick name from school, the full nick is "Corsini Hudini the wonderful wizard of balls"

      And no, not the genitalia, but rugby balls....

      Awesome work by empty!! :thumbsup:

      Basically.... I like Big Boats and i cannot lie....
    • shadowed knight - originally wanted shadow... was taken... so I went with shadow knight... taken... so I went with shadowed knight and it let me go with it :D so that is how I got my name but the reason why I originally wanted shadow was for some reason I don't actually know... I just liked it :D seemed dark and evil but is definitely not me, but anyway, it then lead to shadowed knight and I also gave a story for my persona :D a knight with a dark past set behind him who tries to run away from it etc etc... but really I don't know... just came up with it :D
    • I think it is open for the boards but it was not open on the Kappa world when I first joined it, and cause I stuck with shadowed knight as my username for Kappa I used it for most things I had an account on... mainly only on Ikariam I call myself shadowed knight :P so same username on Kappa, Delta and the board :D reason why I did not use capitals was because I forgot :S but I like it just being shadowed knight :)
    • So...most of you don't know that but I used to have the nick. BlackSkull when I first joined the board...I chose it(yeah I mean the Skull thing) because I wanted to be really dark and creepy but then...something changed in me and I was more happy so I found this cute panda image then I chose Blacky which I think was taken and here I am ~Blacky~(so it was actually the panda image that made me think of that)