Thundercats VS Team America

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  • Thundercats VS Team America

    While waiting on my render, time to check how zeta is doing...

    looks pretty dead from over here!

    Wondering how long this thread will stay open..

    Time for funny's!

    Mean old b@stard

    Active Retired NF Mean Old Bastards
  • War is not declared properly.

    The title of the thread must be in the format of Alliance Name (Tag) vs Alliance Name (Tag). If a single player is declaring a conflict they will not have a tag, however they must include the tag of the target alliance. E.g. Player vs Alliance Name (Tag)

    When declaring a war, the ending conditions should be clear and give the option for either party to withdraw. Some standard conditions are:
    Until x alliance disbands
    Until 100 million TD (Total Damage) is reached
    The war will last for 14 days
    Ending conditions must be reachable.