Ikariam Achievements System

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  • Ikariam Achievements System

    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?

    -Kind of like the side missions idea, or the tutorial, have an achievements system.

    -Achievements are optional targets to achieve for the fun of it or rewards, or as a direction to follow in the game...

    -Achievements are single-player only and mostly dont need input from others.

    -Achievments are not tasks, they evaluate what progress you've made since the beginning of the game, they don't have time limits and their counting system is never reset.

    -There is a finite number of achievements and some of them are the previous goals with larger target numbers.

    -No achievements require ambrosia only to achieve, there must always be a f2p way

    -Some achievements will be automatically done for some players when the system is implemented. To prevent this, players must activate an achievement from an interface (a new tab for the research advisor maybe?) and if the player already has done the achievement, the rewards are immediately recieved. A player can activate any number of achievements as long as s/he has the research requirements to attempt them.

    -Achievements are included in the highscore system in this manner:

    *Players are ranked according to the number of achievment points they have

    *When a player has the maximum number of achievement points, s/he is tied for 1st or gets a new rank indicating having achieved all.

    -Achievements give small rewards. The reward system can be one of the following:

    *Achievement points & gold; Small gold rewards, depending on the difficulty of the achievment. Number of achievement points obtained from an achievement also depends on its difficulty. Achievement points have no real use, they are just a way to keep track of how much you achieve.

    *Extra resources or extra possessions directly related with the goal & achievment points; like in the tutorial system. Eg. Goal: Complete 10 experiments, reward: 1 000 research points + 3 ach.pts. Or E.g. Have a trading score of 5 000, reward: 1 merchant ship + 5 ach. pts.

    *Extra possessions only

    *Achievement points only

    *Gold only

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    -New feature, new interface, more for players to do

    -Gives players hints about where to go next in the game
    -Small impact on player economies (at least that is what I aspire)

    -More stuff for the system to track (but it depends on already existing values for every player)
    -New highscores section
    -Small effect on game balance, not unfair
    -Large effect on gameplay style by suggesting players to do things, but it still ultimately depends on the player's choices.
    -Immediate bonus to players which already have earned the achievements, but since the rewards are small, no huge effect. Also, all players have access to rewards.
    -Achievements will have to be adjusted if actual game content is adjusted.

    -Less popular game aspects will become a bit more popular, if they are mentioned in achievements

    -Game becomes a bit more interesting

    Suggestion Reason:

    This idea is not suggested in order to make up for some problem; it's a new content idea. I enjoyed getting lead throug the tutorial and I think something LIKE it can be going on afterwards. It will also add more to do in the game. It will get players to become more motivated in areas they previously weren't interested in, e.g. trading. It will also show how good a player is in the game. And other things listed above.

    Achievement examples:

    -Buy 50 merchant ships
    -Get 1 building to Level 32
    -Defeat Barbarian village Level 10
    -Activate a miracle 5 times
    -At some point have 100 000 research points
    -Obtain a total of 1 000 000 gold from trading
    -Have a generals score of 10 000
    -Have (at least once earned) 10 merchant ships from weekly bonuses.

    Many players will say this idea has a lower priority than other ideas but please don't vote "no" just because of that. If the idea gets to the popular suggestions section, it still might be put on hold anyway, being simply new content. But it will be considered that way and not sunk "because the time is not right".

  • YES, this would make gameplay more interesting, but as Mirarik said, there should be achievements for all the players. :thumbup:
    Players will be motivated to try various things that they haven't used much (selling your goods to somebody with your ships for example :D .)
    Achievements should be random and also depend on player's total score.
  • Bump! I know it's a very long post, but that's because I've mentioned like 90% of the information you may need about it! :pinch: Please read and vote and/or reply; I am interested in your opinions even if others have mentioned them before.
  • Lazar wrote:

    I vote yes I think it will help newer players figure out what to do next but on the down side I think it will take a lot of effort from GF to implement.

    Not really, they already have reward systems in place, like for logging in everyday. Plus, if they were serious about it, users could probably list a good set of achievements.
    Sometimes me think "what is friend?"
    And then me say, "friend is someone to share last cookie with."
  • achievement system. that would sound interesting. but only draw back is if GF does implement this would they make it so only those that have ambrosia can only be able to do it>?
  • Woohoo! what a wonderful idea!

    I think we should start coming up with some achievements.
    here are a few :
    Purchase 100 merchant ships.
    Get all level 5 futures.
    Obtain a GS of 30k
    Join an alliance.
    Sell 1000000 gold worth of resources.
    Pillage 50 players.
    Attack Rommel ( jk :D )
    Donate 10 mil resources
    Create 2 accounts.
    Use 10 ambrosia.