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    Hello all.
    I had to quit playing a while ago (RL caught up), but now I'm back. Can anyone explain the current situation in gamma to me? Who leads QED, which alliances are doing what, whatever happened to CKA, etc...
    Thanks a ton,
    Ionia 8-)
  • Current Alliance Rankings are below.

    As to QED leadership, both Farmer and Fayth have left the game.
    Current leadership is mostly a committee of peers with Johnny being the chair.
    Last few years have seen 3 wars between KLK and QED. Were currently in our third.

    As to CKA, its a ghost town.

    Are you Thoin?

    Glad to see you back whoever you are!

    Nimue (Rommel)

    1 Grey Matter(L-KLK) 108 284,151,506 2,631,032
    2 TEH BUNKER(QED) 60 184,322,190 3,072,036
    3 LAW(LAW) 43 184,252,558 4,284,943
    4 WAR(WAR) 49 131,999,652 2,693,870
    5 Desperados(DES) 31 98,655,353 3,182,431
    6 Warrior Nation(WNx) 42 80,054,470 1,906,059
    7 ORION Hunters(ORION) 19 78,151,536 4,113,239
    8 R U Nervous(RUN) 32 77,613,435 2,425,420
    9 HELLENIC EMPIRE(HEMP) 32 72,051,666 2,251,615
    10 ThePeopleOfTala(T-POT) 6 64,103,253 10,683,876
    11 Gamma Dragons(G-D) 16 50,582,462 3,161,404
    12 Devil Dogs(L-DDS) 21 34,158,423 1,626,592
    13 CanadaKicksAss(CKA) 5 24,872,547 4,974,509
  • I am the son of the old Lord KG. We used to sort of play together, but we had to stop. Now I'm back. Who knows, maybe my dad will even start again.
    I asked about CKA cause I remember sending a couple of them inactive or to QED after LAW and I whipped them. What wonderful farms they made.

    Thanks Ionia
  • I see you teamed up with LAW a way back. I'm the current leader of LAW and in the name of our alliance, I would like to welcome you back to Gamma and pledge our support to help you rise to your former glory :D
    Beta - Leader of the Great Alliance LAW (formerly of Gamma)
  • I heard of you from some members of CER when CER was still active
    channti former leader of CER left the game and left the role of leadership to pyra_cantha
    a civil war to say started between guido and pyra.

    the civil war left CER broken into two alliances
    TCR and CER
    TCR has become idle with Guido as the only member now
    CER has 2 members idle due to Pyra leaving them there (to tick off TCR) when we did a merger with QED for one of the wars with L-KLK
    once the war was over CER left QED and made a new alliance called CBE, Pyra handed me leadership of the new alliance and help me get it up and running after that he left the game. :( i miss the old days of CER's glory
    but :rocketlauncher: CBE is thriving like CER has in its old days.

    but that is the history i paid attention to, so welcome back and hope to hear more from you on the boards :phatgrin: