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    • Life...often so short, sometimes sweet.

      Death's bitter taste fills my mouth as I look upon this forum. It is a taste that I am familiar with, unfortunately.

      Is Epsilon full of decaying corpses? Is this a land of warriors who died sleeping by the fire, after sipping watered-down mead?


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    • Lots of changes were difficult for some to endure. But the resilient players remain. We have seen many greats leave the server and new players rise to the occasion. Many alliance fell from their former glory while new ones made of some of the best warriors left around formed. There is still hope for this server but it is far from its former glory. When at any given time you could be attacked. War was a constant thing and of course the banter.

      lol, lame rant aside it is still nice to see some of the greats like you Bodude still around.
    • There are far too many servers on ikariam now

      Thats what i think the problem is as all the new players are joining the new servers rather than joining the older servers

      The older peeps go inactive and there are very few new members filling the space

      at 1 stage all my islands were full with random players now im the last on my islands

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