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    • Help!!!
      The players of the LAT are pillages me till I will delate my account self-initiated.
      There is nothing that justifies this. I tried all, but they want not find a compromise with me.
      I am at my wit's end, please help me !! ;(
      with Regards - Baumeister
    • :)
      We wanted find a compromise, but your answer was not so complimentary :) Now when situation is changing you start speak another way :) What you seed, you mow :)

      P.S. I see You sending me resources, do you want to ban me!? I did not ask for recourses. If i will need it i can loot You, you don't have troops and live on my islands! I see you can't play normally, just all time tyring all kinds of sneaky ways how to make us look bad!

      The post was edited 5 times, last by Bogey ().

    • I try all kinds of sneaky ways how to make you look bad?
      lol you are the one who spread lies of me.
      You wanted find find a compromise? How should this compromise look like?
      Changing situation? No, the situation was not changing. I left LAT before war if you remember...