Epsilon A History Of

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    • Epsilon A History Of

      Those hallowed few that remain on this great server can recant great tales of server shaking wars. From the mighty fighting alliances such TSO, SYN, Japan, DARK, NWA, NA and MYTH to the large silent alliances. Many small concentrated alliances of warriors sprouted up and and are now immortalized in the Hall of Fame.
      But now Epsilon is a shell of it's former self. Perhaps sleeping like a dormant volcano or completely dead is up to you to decide. What Epsilon needs to know is the tale of the great alliance that made players on Epsilon log on just to make sure their alliance was not at war, not to check on their pirates status or move some wine around. So I call upon Leaders, Diplomats, faithful followers of Bro_Gun to recant their great tales on this thread for the server to see.

      So post your Alliance name now or what it was then, a memorable war that shaped you into the player and alliance you are today and of course your favorite enemy.
    • There were many alliances that wanted to be top drawer by having the most members or highest total scores, but what made you a real winner was your ability to shake things up and get people fighting, whining, and quitting.

      We all know who met those standards... the one and only [QUIT] The Banned!

      From the early days of [WORLD] war to the end of days of [NWA]... [QUIT] made you laugh, cry, and explode in your pants at the same time! With BroGun leading the way there was no stopping the [QUIT] Revolution, except for when darkness was brought across the server by over zealous post-highschool bullied GOs who ended our reign of enlightenment through constant bans.
      [long pause]

      [end pause]
      Going through the archived war threads... some good stuff there... I forgot what else I was going to say...

      Anyway [QUIT] was the greatest alliance that ever existed in Ikariam... on any server... [Fact]

      Don't like my post? Then change your mind! - Kenny Powers
    • Mad respect to BroGun!

      What was the Feria(sp?) story? They were #1 when I came around.

      What about JamesC and IE and subsequently IEX?

      Would be neat to know the real history as well as the battlelogs.
    • Anyway [QUIT] was the greatest alliance that ever existed in Ikariam... on any server... [Fact]

      I don't know If that's true. ALINC was in my book the greatest
    • No one likes to start from 0 in an old server.Best thing to alive the world is to tell your friends not to delete there acc.Incase if they think that they want to delete their acc or can go inactive,take their acc and give it to players from other servers,i mean good players.
      Everyone needs to tell his friend list people and allies not to destroy their acc,instead give them to the leader so that he can give it away to someone.
      Second way is start making colonies near eachother.In wars it will take less time to fight and will be fun.and the world will be alive again.
      Leader of UE Psi Retired Undefeated

      Leader of ELITE Apollon Retired Undefeated

      Former member of N-F but now in TMM, Rho.

      Member and sometimes Saxy General of _UE_, Demeters

      Allianceless in Pi.

      BLACK in Gaia.

      Leader of -W- in Hades

      Democratically Elected Chairman of Men Power Council (MPC) in spam section.

      The shit has sailed already!
    • UrbanDictionary.com

      *crickets chirp*
      Used to point out or emphasise silence. (Well, not precisely silence, since chirping crickets make sound. But you get it.)

      The idea is that you can only hear crickets when there are no other sounds, such as conversation or laughter. Often used to denote the awkward pause after a bad joke.
      Joe: What's the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
      Ted: *tiredly* I don't know, Joe. What is the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
      Joe: baDUM-ksh!

      *crickets chirp*

      Joe: ...Oh, come on. That was funny.

      Sadness that Epsilon is being called a bad joke.

      Thanks to FallenHero for my sig
    • There have been many wars but only a few truly great Alliances. TSO was the greatest in my opinion. The wars with NWA and TSO were good and they produced a few battles that were unforgettable. The world war against/involving TSO was pretty memorable.

      SYN, NWA, QUIT, NA are some alliances I will remember.

      I feel gf has not helped epsilon or any server for that matter survive. Many changes over the years some were good but for the most part I feel like they took more away from the game then added.

      TSO Warrior forever