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  • Christmas Contest 2013

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Season Greetings to all!

    Over the next few days, we will have a Christmas contest that is open to everyone.

    Daily we will ask one or several questions about Ikariam, and all you need to do is send your answer(s) within 24 hours of each question.
    Questions will be hosted by me, the one and only 'Contest.ORGaniser' :D and ALL answers MUST be sent to me via PM.

    Each question is allocated points.
    The player with the most points wins! (in the event of two or more players with the same score then we will have a tie break situation.


    • Send ONE answer-message per day via PM to Contest.ORGaniser
    • Multiple entries are not permitted - your first answer will be the one that is registered.
    • You have 24hrs from the time the question is posted to PM your answer.
    • Do NOT send your answers to any other staff members as they will not be processed - only send to Contest.ORGaniser

    Any questions or to discuss with your fellow islanders, please discuss here

    The Winner will be announced on 21st December 2013.

    First question will be posted in the evening of Friday 6th December and answers will be accepted starting from Saturday 7th December at 00:00 until 23:59 of same day. All times are related to German / server time (GMT+1).


    • 1st Prize : 25€ Gameforge Voucher
    • 2nd ~ 3rd Prizes : 16€ Gameforge Voucher
    • 4th ~ 7th Prizes : 10€ Gameforge Voucher
    • 8th ~ 12th Prizes : 3€ Gameforge Voucher

    Good luck!
    A Festive Season To All!!
  • Some rules that you will need to follow to participate:

    1. How many questions per day?
    There will be one post per day. The post can contain a game, a puzzle to solve, an activity to complete, one or more questions.

    2. Who do I send my answers to?
    You must PM (private message) me with the answer. And only the first answer per registered player is accepted; any answers for the same question sent thereafter will be rejected.

    3. Must I answer these questions daily to continue to participate?
    You can answer any day you wish. There is no need to answer daily in order to participate.

    4. Is there a format to answer them?
    Simply note down: for day 1 question: Day 1 : "ANSWER"; and if you answer day 5 question: Day 5: "ANSWER".

    5. When will each question appear, and is there a time limit?
    I will attempt to post a new question at midnight (German time). And you have until midnight the next day to send your answer. -eg. Any first answer sent for question 1 posted at 12:31am 9th December, will be accepted until 12:00am 10th December. Those sent beyond this time will be automatically rejected.

    6. How multiple questions' score is evaluated?
    Sometimes daily post contains 2 or more questions, and each of them awards some points. Just correctly answered questions award points (wrong answers are simply discarded), so the total daily post score can vary, depending on the amount of correct answers. In some cases (where number of answers is not predefined) it is possible that a wrong answer decreases your daily score: in this case, I will clearly state it

    7. How missions or actions are evaluated?
    On some cases, you should provide the evidence that mission was accomplished, or action completed. Details will be provided along with the question. Completing the action or the mission without sending PM as required, will not award any point.

    ENJOY!! :)

    For your thoughts/discussions on this contest: Click here
    A Festive Season To All!!
  • Please help Santa out with some questions.

    A player has a village with the following buildings:
    • Town Hall: level 12
    • Town Wall: level 10
    • Barracks: level 16
    • Shipyard: level 19
    • Trading port: level 18
    • Pirate Fortress: level 9

    Which are the garrison limits for this village?

    Right answers will grant you 1 point each (so 2 points max).

    Send your answer before 23:59 7th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post

    Land Garrison Limit = 250+(50*12)+(50*10)=250+600+500=1350
    Sea Garrison Limit=125+25*max(19,18)=125+25*19=600
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Santa has been stuck on a few riddles he heard for a while now, and cannot concentrate on his work. Help him solve them!

    User Foo has a village on Creyios, in [43:53], while user Bar has a village on Sayyos, in [41:32]. They decide to exchange resources produced on their respective islands, in a 1:1 trade. Foo fills completely 10 ships, while Bar fills completely 50 ships.

    Question 1: which kind of resources is sending Bar and which kind is sending Foo? (0.5 points each)
    Question 2: how many resources did Foo send to Bar? and how many resources did Bar send to Foo? (1.5 points each)

    Send your answer before 23:59 8th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    Foo sends 5000 crystal or wood, and Bar sends 5000 wine or wood

    To ensure a 1:1 trade, Bar used full Draft, which reduced the capacity to 100 resources per cargo ship.
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Even Dorian Greek Pirates celebrate the holidays. But that doesn't mean no work is done. Make sure your pirates are not slacking and send them on a capture run. Don't forget to take a picture of it as well and show it to us.

    So, say cheeeeeese :D

    A screenshot showing a launched run will grant you 2 points.

    Send your screenshots before 23:59 9th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post

    (You can attach screenshot to PM (better), or upload it on external servers: in this case, provide in PM the URL to the screenshot. Please verify URL is correct: troubles opening the URL will not grant any point)
    NOTE: please be careful when you attach screenshot. Click on "Attachment" then "Choose file" and choose file, and finally "Upload"; then you can send the message.

    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Somehow there are more riddles in Santa's head that he cannot solve. Can you help him out again?

    As we already know, user Foo has a village on Creyios, in [43:53], while user Bar has a village on Sayyos, in [41:32]. They decide to send each other 5000 units of resources (crystal vs. wine).
    Foo, who has Oligarchy as government system, fills completely 50 ships, while Bar who is in Ikacracy, fills just 10 ships. Since Foo needs resources urgently, Bar decides to use 6 units of Ambrosia to speed up shipment. Foo too wants to speed up shipment, and activates Poseidon miracle (level 3). They then send to each other, and, with Santa's magical wand, both shipments leave their ports in the same exact moment, at 00:00:00 server time.

    a) When does Foo receive Bar shipment? [2 points]
    b) When does Bar receive Foo shipment? [3 points]

    Send your answer before 23:59 10th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    Since this question seems to have caused lot of headhaches to the players (and probably this was the most difficult question of the contest...) I explain in detail this answer.

    Time in second traveled is normally d*1200 (where d is the distance between islands), at normal speed.
    Draft, Poseidon and Government type can change speed of ships.

    s=seconds to travel between islands
    d=distance between islands;
    T=Triton (0=no triton; 1=100%, 2=200%, 3=300%)
    D=Draft (as 1, 1.167, 1.333, 1.5, 1.667)
    G=1.1 if govt=Oligarchy, 1 in other cases;
    P=Poseidon level (0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1)

    The formula: d/(D*G*(1+P+T))

    The distance between [43:53] and [41:32] (Pytagoras theorem): d=sqrt((43-41)^2+(53-32)^2)= 21.095

    Bar with Ikacracy and full Triton:
    a) s=21.095*1200/4 = 21.095*1200/4 = 6328.5 = 1h 45' 29"

    Foo with Oligarchy, full Draft and level 3 Poseidon:

    b) distance = 21.095*1200= 25314 seconds
    d/(D*G*(1+P+T)) = 25314 / (1.667*1.1*(1+0.5+0)) = 9203.25

    s=9203.25 = 2h 33' 23"

    I accepted slight differences in seconds due to rounding up of floating point numbers... :)

    Edited: Answers reviewed.
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Holiday is the time that you spend with your friends and loved ones, so why not hop in IRC in channel and say hello to your buddies there?

    While you're there, say hello to Santa in a private message. (Double click on his name that you will find in a list). Don’t forget to mention your board nickname.

    If you manage to find Santa in IRC and leave him a message, then send a PM to Contest.ORGaniser to say you have left a message. [5 points]

    Send your answer before 23:59 11th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post

    Account named Santa will idle in Users must query it and leave their board nickname. Then PM to Contest Organiser.
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Holidays is also a nice time to meet some new people and introduce yourself to others.

    Why don't you introduce yourself in the User Introduction section <— link, so Santa would get a better idea of who you are.

    Please send a link of your thread to Contest Organiser.

    This will give you 5 points.
    (if you have an introduction thread already, then just send the link in your PM).

    Send your answer before 23:59 12th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    Thank you all for letting me know something about my beloved contestants :)
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Help Santa to get more marbles for upgrading his warehouse.

    Marble is a precious stone for upgrading. Can you list the different ways to find marble?
    -an example: messaging a player to ask to exchange his marbles with you.

    1 point for each correct answer (7 maximum points only - although there are more than 7 possible answers)

    Send your answers before 23:59 13th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    There are many possible responses available.
    • Cargo transport: a normal simple 1:1 exchange with other players; or a higher score player sending marble to you without any returns.
    • Colony: have a colony on a marble island and put workers in the quarry.
    • Trading post: go to trading post to demand for marble, or to search if there are marbles on offer.
    • Battle and Hades: X% of the resource costs for all units that die during fights in their own cities are credited back as marble units.
    • Black market: sell military units for marble.
    • Pillage: spying a town, if possible, and if marble is found, pillage the town; or assuming town is on marble island.
    • Occupation/Pillage: Getting occupied by another player, and using your town as the base. You will receive 10% of the occupier's loots (on the assumption marble is one of the loots).
    • Tutorial and Barbarian: for early days of Ikariam, players can get some marble from tutorial and/or pillaging the barbarian village.
    • Premium trader feature: can exchange resources to marble to warehouse/dump capacity limit using Ambrosias.
    • Getting resources feature: can buy marble to warehouse/dump capacity using Ambrosias.
    • Demolition/downgrading: demolishing another building will provide some amounts of marble.
    • Piracy: winning within the top 50 will give some marble (within warehouse limits).
    • Alliance: A leader gets small amounts of bonus resources from member(s).
    • Researches: During early Ikariam days, wealth research.
    • Ikariam plus: steam hammer.
    • Buildings and extra productions: stonemason if in marble island; helping hands.
    • Helios Tower: increase base production in quarry by 10%.
    • ...and others. So, you have much choices to choose from :)

    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Reindeers have escaped from Santa’s backyard, all 8 of them! They were last seen running towards the Fan Art section. Please find them and bring them back.

    Send links of the posts where the reindeers were hiding to Contest.ORGaniser.

    (Each found reindeer will grant you 1 point; max score: 8 points)

    Send your answers before 23:59 14th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post

    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Santa has been kidnapped! And so close to Christmas. You need to free him from the bandits. Search for the town named ''Bandits' Prison'' belonging to user SantaNappers in your server and launch an attack there.

    Find the town, launch a pillage mission with one single unit (any unit you wish to use). And tell us:
    • your ingame username
    • the server name
    • the ingame time you launched the attack and
    • the coordinates of the town "Bandits' Prison".

    This account is NOT found on the S666 Test Server, only in Org Servers from Alpha to Omega, and in the War Server.

    [9 points]

    Note: If you have accounts in different servers on .Org, you will need to provide your response for ONLY ONE SERVER. Please do not give me answers for several servers, as this will only add load to my work. This is not to say I'm lazy, but you can imagine the amount of checks I need to do :(

    Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and above all your encouragements :) Enjoy!

    Send your answers before 23:59 15th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    s1 Inaeios @ [52:36/W]
    s2 Ireaos @ [44:49/CG]
    s3 Worooos @ [48:45/S]
    s4 Lootios @ [45:46/W]
    s5 Shertios @ [39:50/M]
    s6 Tineos @ [51:50/CG]
    s7 Brasaos @ [50:54/S]
    s8 Dydios @ [53:46/M]
    s9 Kalaos @ [50:52/CG]
    s10 Drodios @ [58:41/M]
    s11 Rynetia @ [46:52/CG]
    s12 Nyyyos @ [47:45/CG]
    s13 Koedaos @ [47:52/W]
    s14 Fiesoios @ [41:53/CG]
    s15 Torytia @ [53:50/M]
    s16 Litios @ [48:61/W]
    s17 Veseaos @ [45:50/S]
    s18 Sleyvios @ [48:44/M]
    s19 Veseaos @ [45:50/S]
    s20 Brasaos @ [50:54/S]
    s21 Llerios @ [49:51/W]
    s22 Tineos @ [51:50/CG]
    s23 Daetios @ [41:43/W]
    s24 Daetios @ [41:43/W]
    s201 Oldios @ [43:52/W]
    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Santa loves taking photos, tell us where he took them.…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037

    [2 points each]

    Send your answers before 23:59 16th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    Each image can be found in several places, except the 3rd image.
    1. In the Wall or in the Workshop or in the Help page of Units/Ships, the attack or offensive icon.
    2. In the Town News/Mayor (Overview of towns and finances), the Espionage filter category.
    3. In Ikariam Plus, the Potion of Wisdom.
    4. Not just any Miracle or Wonder monument, but the Miracle monument, on a Marble island. The image shows: wine, crystal and sulphur needed for the next level. More precisely, Hades' Holy Grove in the "old" world (a little info for those ancient players out there :))
    Or, in the Premium account for town advisor for all resource information, where this image can also be found.
    5. In the Warehouse or Dump, the 100% increased storage capacity.

    2 points each. I gave 0.5 point for those who simply said "Wonder" or "Miracle" for the 4th image, and full points for wonder/miracle on marble island, or Hades in the old world.

    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Be Happy!!!
    1. Help Foo to calculate his Happiness Bonus for each of his towns (7 points)
      • Foo has 3 towns on 3 different islands with Ikacracy form of government. He has researched everything up to Culinary Specialities.
      • FooTown1 has a Town Hall level 4, a Governor residence level 1
      • FooTown2 has a Town Hall level 6, a Palace 3, a Tavern level 5 with 18 wine per hour being served, a Museum 2, an Academy 2, and a Carpenter 10.
      • FooTown3 has a Town level 3, a Tavern level 3 with 4 wine served per hour, a Museum 1 with 1 cultural treaty.
    2. Foo wants to increase further his towns’ satisfaction. Can you advise him on which government form to use, and why this form? (1 point)
    3. What would be the corruption level for each of his towns before the change of government? What would be the corruption levels for each town during the change? (6 points)
    4. Foo has decided to put all scientist researchers to work in his Academy, and found that a researcher consumes double of what a citizen produces. What is he referring to? And how much do you think a worker can produce? (2 points)

    Note: All other events are constant. So, please consider only those buildings/events/situations that are mentioned above.

    Max score for today: 16 point

    Send your answers before 23:59 17th December 2013 Please do not answer any more to this post


    1) Each town hall gives 196 happiness bonus; each tavern level gives 12; each wine serving/portion gives 60; each museum level gives 20, and each Cultural treaty gives 50. Some researches too give happiness bonuses (see below).

    FooTown1 = 196 + 25 (Relaxation Holiday research) = 221 happiness bonus.
    (with corruption: 221 - 73 = 148 satisfaction) *

    FooTown2 = 196 + 50 (Well Construction research) + 25 (Relaxation Holiday) + 60 + 240 + 40 = 611 happiness bonus.
    (no corruption)*

    FooTown3 = 196 + 25 + 36 + 60 + 20 + 50 = 387 happiness bonus.
    (with corruption deduction: 387 - 258 = 129 satisfaction/128 (depending on rounding up)) *

    * I have been *extremely* lenient on this one. Some of you went as far as deducting the corruption (AND population!), although I only asked for happiness bonus, not the total satisfaction ;)
    In any case, I gave half score for those who deducted the corruption and/or population. Similar, half score for those who had the correct method, but careless calculations.

    EDIT: a full explanation of points allocations.
    0.5 point for each bonus element that you give.
    FooTown1 :
    196 + 25 = 221 happiness bonus. <-- 0.5 x 2 = 1 point
    221 - 73 (corruption) = 148 <-- thus 0.5 points
    221 - 73 (corruption) - 250 (total pop) = -102 satisfaction <-- 0.5 points

    FooTown2 (capital)
    196 + 50 + 25 + 60 + 240 + 40 = 611 happiness bonus. <-- 0.5 x 6 = 3 points
    (no corruption) <-- 3 points of course since that gives 611, although technically speaking you were lucky that the palace does not give corruption :P
    611 - 432 (population) = 179 satisfaction. <-- 1.5 points

    FooTown3 :
    196 + 25 + 36 + 60 + 20 + 50 = 387 happiness bonus. <-- 0.5 x 6 = 3 points
    387 - 258 (corruption) = 129 <-- thus 1.5 points
    387 - 258 (corruption) - 192 (population) = -63 satisfaction. <-- 1.5 points


    2) Democracy which gives +75 satisfaction in all towns.

    Since Foo has researched his ‘Market’ research, you should advise him to choose Democracy (this gives +75 satisfaction in all towns).
    Nomocracy does reduce corruption, which is in itself affects satisfaction. However, since only one town is corrupted, choosing Nomocracy government would have little effect on his whole Empire.
    Theocracy is not researched yet.


    3) Corruption = 1 - [(Governor Residence level +1)/# of towns].
    Anarchy = 25% additional corruption for each corrupted town.

    Before (Ikacracy)
    FooTown1 = 33%
    FooTown2 = 0%
    FooTown3 = 66%/67%

    During (Anarchy)
    FooTown1 = 58%
    FooTown2 = 0%
    FooTown3 = 91%/92%

    Some of you tripped on this calculation. The total number of towns is 3, or looking at it another way, there is 1 capital and 2 colonies, therefore, 3 towns in all.

    4) He was referring to Gold.
    A worker produces 0 Gold.

    This caused some problems to a few players. A scientist costs 6 gold. Some players used the ‘before Letter Chute’ argument however, I was quite specific in my intent in the question that ‘Gold’ is actually the subject here. And putting a scientist to work will cost 6 gold, not 9 (if you look into your finance balance). The 3 gold is the citizen that has been 'removed' from idling.
    And finally, still on the subject of gold, a citizen produces 3 gold, but when he is assigned as a worker, he produces zero gold.

    A Festive Season To All!!

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  • Day 12 - La Grande Finale…5048d16cfaa0786e0fbaa8037

    Oh! You better watch out,
    You better not cry,
    You better not pout,
    I'm telling you why:
    The Pirate is coming to town!

    Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum,
    In my Fortress I 'run' for 4 hours to obtain :?: points [1 point] (1)

    Mary nodded, pa rum pum pum pum
    Point conversions will increase my :?: :?: , pa rum pum pum pum [2 points] (2)
    I played in my Fortress, pa rum pum pum pum
    I played my best, pa rum pum pum pum,
    I played to obtain at least :?: points [1 point] (3)
    to receive 1400 bonus to make me stronger
    rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

    pa rum pum pum pum
    Me and my Pirates.

    Don't let them tell you your not good enough
    Don't let them tell you your not strong enough
    Me and my Fortress we're gonna change the world

    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now.
    When I send out my spies to visit neighbour Rudolph
    who has stopped playing,
    who has stopped drinking,
    who has stopped producing,
    who has turned grey
    ... oh, so grey he turns

    With every cautious steps they take
    They see Rudolph's Dump 2 and Warehouse 5, and his high red brick wall.
    Lo and behold
    They see treasures and perfumes
    Wood, Wine, Crystals, Marbles, and Sulphur
    All at a maximum level of :?: [2 points] (4)
    With peace eternally.
    Let there be peace on earth,
    And let it begin with me.

    With all my mighty soldiers,
    I walked o'er the fields again and again without crossing any oceans
    I can pillage a maximum of :?: Wood, :?: Wine, :?: Crystals, :?: Marbles, and :?: Sulphur [5 x 1.5 points] (5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    On a snowy Christmas mornin'
    When dear Rudolph came out of his 12 days of grey hibernation
    He found his men
    At the scene of the attack
    There were hoof prints on their foreheads
    And incriminatin' Claus marks on their backs

    Silver bells, silver bells
    It's Christmas eve in the city
    In the shadows the shoppers rush to do some trade exchange
    to buy soldiers and battleboats in the :?: :?: [2 points] (10)

    Frosty wants to sell his Tenders
    but finds that he needs a level :?: to do so. [2.5 points] (11)
    So he build and build.
    Frosty should be able to sell his Tenders on Christmas mornin'

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la la la la la!
    'Tis a jolly season as Frosty's current tax rate has dropped to :?: % on this bright Christmas mornin' [2 points] (12)
    Fa la la la la la la la la!

    When the clock is striking twelve, When I'm fast asleep,
    Down the chimney broad and black, With your pack you'll creep;
    All the stockings you will find Hanging in a row;
    Mine will be the shortest one, You'll be sure to know.

    Merry Christmas!!!!


    There are 12 questions. You can answer each one by simply noting:
    and so on.

    Max score you can be awarded is 20 points

    Send your answers before 23:59 18th December 2013

    Day 12 Answers

    A 4 hour run gives 2896 points.

    Crew strength is increased when capture points are converted.

    If you have at least 7000 capture points, you will receive 1400 bonus on your crew strength.

    Storage Capacities for Rudolph:
    Town Hall = 2500
    Dump 2 = 64000 = (2 x 32000)
    Warehouse 5 = 40000 = (5 x 8000)
    Maximum storage amount that can be held = 106500 for each type of resources.

    Safe limit for active accounts:
    Town hall can save = 100 for each resource type
    Warehouse can save = 5 x 480 = 2400
    Total safe limit = 2500 for each type of resources.

    You can pillage a maximum of 104000 of each resource.

    BUT, in view of his oh, so grey he turns inactive mode and all other events 'frozen', his safe capacity for each type of resources decrease by:
    Town hall = 15 units of resources
    Warehouse = 1% of 40000 = 400
    Total safe limit for inactive Rudolph = 415 for each type of resources.

    Therefore, you can pillage a maximum of 106500 - 415 = 106085 for each type of resources, "without crossing any oceans" ;)
    I did not specify the number of ships he sent, but did provide enough details to obtain the maximum quantity that can be pillaged.

    Military Trade:
    Trading Post is where you can buy soldiers and battleships. (Not Black Market :D)

    Tenders can be traded at level 10 Black market.

    At level 10, the black market has a tax rate of 19%.

    And with this, we end our 2013 Christmas Contest, and I wish you all a very Joyous Christmas!!
    A Festive Season To All!!

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