LATVIA (LAT) vs Excelsior (-X-), Excelsior Wing (-X-W) and ROFL

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  • LATVIA (LAT) vs Excelsior (-X-), Excelsior Wing (-X-W) and ROFL

    The war is already ongoing for quite some time, but we would like to make it official so we don't have to explain it to each player.
    -X- started the war but they failed to achieve anything other than putting their main fighting force under the palm tree, so they found themselves marionettes who continue their war for them. We currently defend ourselves against 3 alliances.

    The war will be over when -X- admit that they have lost and ROFL admit they subordinated themselves to -X- out of cowardliness. From -X-W we have no demands as they are too young and inexperienced.
  • Should be fun...

    LAT interpretation of things seems to be somewhat false ;) Never the less though, good luck to both sides and may the better side win :D

    P.s. If playing since 2007 is inexperience, then I guess I am one of these -X-W members you speak of.